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Lincoln Town Parts and Lincoln Town Accessories

Lincoln Town: Seven Interesting Facts that You Should Know

  • Despite its slowly declining sales, many car experts still considered the Lincoln Town Car as one of the best-selling luxury cars in the United States. In fact, from 1998 to 2011 alone, it sold almost 659, 128 units. What's more, most of the vehicles sold under this line in America and Canada were modified as limousines and chauffeured cars.

  • To celebrate the Town Car's 25th anniversary, Lincoln released a special edition package that was made available to the 2006 Signature Limited. Aside from the unique "25th Anniversary Edition" badging, this model featured nine-spoke chrome wheels, a chrome B-pillar, a Provence leather upholstery, and foglamps.

  • Want to know when the name Town Car first appeared? In 1922, a special vehicle under the Lincoln line was tailor-made for Henry Ford-the Town Car. The reason behind the custom-built vehicle was that Ford wanted a limo so that he could be chauffeured to his factories. After that year, the name was dropped and used again several times until it became a different model from the Continental in 1981.

  • During the 90s, the advertising line "Lincoln. What a Luxury Car Should Be." became famous. Stemming from the 1985 ads entitled "The Valet," this line was aimed towards increasing the sales of the Town Car which, unlike its competitors, did not downsize.

  • After 1996, the Lincoln Town Car became the last rear-wheel drive, full-size luxury car in the United States. Also, because of the discontinuation of its competitor, the Fleetwood Brougham, the Town Car became North America's largest mass-produced vehicle.

  • In 1996, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Lincoln, a special edition Town Car was released. Tagged as the Diamond Anniversary, this version came exclusive to Signature Series sedans. Some of its unique features were leather seats, a cellular telephone, a traction assist, a power moon roof, a wood instrument panel trim, a window badging, and a JBL audio system.

  • Having difficulties differentiating a Cartier Series Town Car from its counterparts? If it's a yes, then just look at the seats. The Cartier models featured a stitched designer's logo instead of the traditional Lincoln star. Also, vehicles under this series, particularly those manufactured from 1998 to 2002, have golden Lincoln emblems on their tail lights.

Lincoln Town Articles

  • Lincoln Town: Common Issues to Expect and How to Solve Them

    Manufactured from 1981 to 2011, the Lincoln Town Car is considered by many as one of the best full-size luxury sedans ever made. Unfortunately, even though it was considered as a flagship line, car owners still encounter problems that affect the Town Car's performance. Listed below are some of the most common malfunctions that plague this vehicle line.

    Air suspension

    If there's one system in the Lincoln Town Car that always causes problems, it's the air suspension. Often caused by several components such as the switch, relief valve, and fuse, these difficulties can compromise the Town Car's performance if they are not resolved immediately. For instance, if the relief valve is faulty, the vehicle will not become level because the air contained in the air bags will not be released after activation. On the other hand, many people complain about air suspension warning lights that remain constantly on because of faulty fuses. As a result, they tend to blame the air suspension for various car malfunctions.

    To solve air suspension problems, car experts suggest that maintenance and inspection of parts should be done regularly. If some components are showing signs of wear and tear, they should be replaced or repaired immediately to avoid troubles in the future.


    The Town Car, just like other vehicles, is equipped with a fuel filter and air filter. However, for some reason, these filters tend to cause various problems particularly with the 2003 models. With the air filter, many car owners complain about premature mass air flow sensor failure due to sludge and other kinds of contaminants that easily clog the filter. Likewise, with the fuel filter, it easily gets blocked, therefore compromising the fuel injection problems.

    Although Lincoln has not issued any recommendations on how these filter-related problems can be solved, many car experts urge Town Car owners to have their fuel filters replaced every 30,000 miles and their air filters replaced every oil change.

    Seat belt

    Another issue that affects the Town Car involves the seat belt. In fact, some models of this vehicle were reported to have faulty seat belt anchorage assemblies, therefore putting the lives of passengers at risk. To address the reports, Ford issued three different recalls that affected more than 1,000 units.