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Lincoln Town Car Bumper

Lincoln Town Car has been in the Lincoln production line for almost half a century. Started as a limousine-like version of the Lincoln Continental, the Town car became a model of its own right in 1981. In the early part of the Town Car's history, the model design remained untouched perhaps because the company wanted to preserve the original image or to keep the classic look of the vehicle during that time. But when the model received its first refreshment, the Town Car transformed into a more luxurious vehicle than ever before. The contemporary look of the vehicle is complimented by its features and luxury which could be seen on the inside, performance that comes from the powerful engine under the hood, and style that could easily defined by the body, These characteristics changed exponentially.

But there is one characteristic the Lincoln Town Car preserved up to now- the safety. Although the Town car has been receiving additional safety features especially in the latter years, safety has been preserved for almost half a century now. The latest Lincoln Town Car is equipped with several safety features including the standard Personal Safety System®, traction control, anti-lock brake system (ABS), Lower Anchors and Tether anchors for Children or LATCH, anti-theft system, remote keyless entry system and more.

In addition to the mentioned safety features, the Lincoln Town Car front bumper also protects the passenger effectively. Originally, front bumpers should be able to absorb up to 5 mph collision impact but due to the development of cars, front bumpers collision absorption standard is reduced down to 2 mph. But that doesn't mean the front bumper is useless. In fact, with the latest technology on car safety, front bumpers are improved to even absorb high speed collision. How is this possible? With the ever increasing risk of front end collisions, the bumper together with the hood and fender are transformed as impact absorbers to minimize to force made to the passenger. Also known as crumple zones, these parts perform special task that is essential to everyday driving.

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