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Lincoln Town Car Grille

Spot and Fix Your Lincoln Town Car Grille Problems

Aside from protecting your engine from incoming debris and allowing air to circulate to keep your engine cool, your car grille is your vehicle's first impression. Being on the front-end of your vehicle, your car grille reflects your personality and sense of style. Driving a luxury full-sized sedan exudes your classic style; however, if your Lincoln Town car grille looks aged then it ruins the entire message you are trying to send. So be vigilant. Here are some car grille problems you may encounter and the first-aid measures you can do.

Cracked grille

If you bumped into something or someone recently, hitting them head on, then there's a high possibility that you managed to scratch your car grille. This issue wouldn't be so bad if you had an old car that used chrome metal grilles. However, if your Lincoln Town car was made in the last few years, then chances are, you have plastic grilles. You can easily fix the cracked grille with the use of acrylic solvent cement or gap-filling solving cement. After washing thoroughly, spot the cracks and mark them with masking tape. Apply acrylic solvent, using a squeeze bottle, on minor cracks not big enough to have gaps. Apply the thicker gap-filling solvent cement on the bigger cracks that have big enough gaps.

Scratched chrome paint

Minor scratches on the chrome paint of your car grille are such eyesores which you should never ignore. But remember that plastic chrome grilles should never be treated like metal chrome grilles. You can damage your Lincoln Town car grilles if you use real chrome cleaners. Just wash them thoroughly with dishwashing soap and water mixture. Firmly scrub the scratched area in small circular motions. Rinse and dry, then use a lint-free rag to buff the scratched area.

Faded or dull paint

Nothing is more distracting than faded chrome grilles. Address this issue as soon as possible. Remove your car grille from your vehicle. Wash your plastic grille thoroughly and rinse. Once it is dry, place the car grille on a sheet of newspaper. Use a red scuff pad to sand the plastic grill then wipe off the dust completely. Use a clean towel to apply grease remover on the grilles. Spray the grill with a coat of adhesion promoter and allow it to dry for half an hour. Finally, spray paint three to five coats of paint, giving each coat five minutes intervals in between to dry.

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  • Keeping Your Lincoln Town Car Grille Shiny and New

    Considered to be "the last traditional American luxury sedan", the Lincoln Town car exudes a class that's all its own. However, this sophisticated ride is easily blemished by the faintest scratch or dirt, especially if the blotch is on found on its grille. Imagine walking around smiling at everyone with something dark and green stuck in between your teeth. It's the same as driving around with dingy grille. The grille serves as the full-sized sedan's winning smile and fortunately, maintaining an impressive car grin is not as painful and as costly as a visit to the dentist. Here are some ways to keep your Lincoln Town car grille paparazzi ready.

    Regular washing

    Not to sound like a clean freak, but there is wisdom in keeping your car grille clean and shiny. Owning a Lincoln Town car already speaks highly of your taste and that is what's reflected to the world. To maintain this image, make it a regular habit to wipe your car down every time you take it for a drive. Think of washing your car grilles as brushing your teeth. With the amount of grime and mud that get stuck on it, and in between it, not washing it is already a sin. Wash and scrub them with a soft bristled brush, warm water and mild soap. Make sure you get the muck behind the grilles as well. You wouldn't want your grilles rusting after all.

    Regular polishing

    To make it camera ready, treat your grilles to a good polishing at least once a month. Wax the entire grille with a good quality wax. You may want to remove it from the car itself so you can wax behind the grilles too. Waxing and polishing the grille trim not only gives it sparkle but it gives the chrome paint an added protection against rust.

    Check its conditions

    The best way to prevent rust and bigger cracks is to visually check your grilles. Watch out for small cracks and signs of rusting. Be sure to check the back part of grille as well as debris can lodge themselves there and cause abrasions. Clear and cure rusting parts but more importantly, fix the minor dents and cracks on your grille. Neglecting your car grilles can lead to costly repairs, and yes, even costlier than a trip to the dentist.