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Lincoln Town Car Intake Manifold

Common Issues Caused by a Leaking Lincoln Town Car Intake Manifold

Your Lincoln Town Car intake manifold makes use of a gasket to keep in the fuel-air mixture that it distributes throughout your vehicle's engine. This gasket is also the primary source of Lincoln Town Car intake manifold leaks. The gasket can fail because of two reasons-excessive heat and old age. If it fails, you can expect any of the issues below.

Decreased Engine Power

Many faulty automotive parts can affect your Lincoln Town Car's engine output. This includes the intake manifold. A leaking Lincoln Town Car intake manifold allows a considerable amount of the fuel-air mixture to escape through its leaking section. Naturally, that disrupts the engine combustion process, thus causing engine power to be diminished.

Problems in Starting

There's a possibility that you won't get to experience the previously mentioned decrease in engine power at all. It's because it's likely that before you even get your engine going, you'll encounter problems in starting your Lincoln Town Car. The same thing from the lower engine output issue applies here. Your Town Car would have a hard time starting because a significant quantity of the fuel-air mixture will seep through the leaking portion of your manifold. This problem could be even worse if you haven't used your Town Car for a long time.

Engine Miss and Hesitation

Your Lincoln Town Car can miss or hesitate (the latter normally occurs upon accelerating from a stop) as well as a result of the fuel-air mixture leaking out of your problematic intake manifold. Needless to say, either of those can be a real pain. The occurence of engine miss and hesitation when your Lincoln Town Car intake manifold is leaking shouldn't surprise though you since the engine combustion process isn't being carried out properly anyway.

Unusual Engine Noise

Engine intake gases will travel out of your Lincoln Town Car at high speeds if leaking is indeed present. And while they're at it, the gases will generate a loud and unusual engine noise. A leaking Lincoln Town Car intake manifold will always let itself be heard. So keep an ear out for noise if you want to confirm if there's a leak in your intake manifold.

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  • Maintenance Tips: Lincoln Town Car Intake Manifold

    There's no question that your Lincoln Town Car is a fine vehicle-it looks and runs great, after all. To keep it running the way it should, you better put some time and effort into its maintenance. The Lincoln Town Car intake manifold is a particular area that you should focus on since it's vital to a properly functioning engine. With that said, below are some of the ways to take care of it.

    Check the intake manifold for cracks and damage once in a while.

    The Lincoln Town Car intake manifold is built tough-that's why it's quite uncommon to see cracks or damage on it. However, you should never be too unconcerned about its condition. It's still best to inspect your intake manifold for cracks or damage every once in a while. This is especially recommended to those who've had their manifolds for several years now. Cracks and damage could of course lead to leaks, which you wouldn't want since your Town Car's performance would suffer. On top of that, a leaking manifold could also cause damage to other automotive components.

    Regularly inspect the intake manifold gasket for signs of breaking and wearing out.

    If your Lincoln Town Car intake manifold is leaking, the likely source of the leaks isn't the main manifold body itself. Most intake manifold leaks are caused by a broken or worn-out intake manifold gasket. The gasket can break or become worn due to overheating or old age.

    When the gasket overheats, its material expands, which causes its sealing capacity to become inadequate. If the overheating occurs all the time, it's best to get down to the bottom of the problem (which is possibly coolant mixing with engine oil) as soon as you can. Wearing out, on the other hand, is pretty much self-explanatory. However, do take note that plastic Lincoln Town Car intake manifolds (which are common OEM replacement products) wear out faster than those composed of steel or other materials.

    Periodically conduct a compression check.

    As you probably know, a compression check is specifically designed for intake manifolds. This test is highly recommended since it goes a long way in keeping your Lincoln Town Car intake manifold healthy. Periodically conducting a compression check (or when you're experiencing engine problems) should help in identifying both current and upcoming manifold issues. This way, you can find a timely fix for your manifold problem or even avert the issue altogether.