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Lincoln Town Car Window Regulator

Tips on Troubleshooting the Lincoln Town Car Window Regulator

Your Lincoln Town Car's window regulators are usually built to last, but due to frequent use, they eventually lose grip and cause your power windows to get stuck or be completely useless. Finding the cause of the problem is a bit difficult since you have to remove the door panels before you can inspect the window motor and regulator. But once you've reached that far, you can follow these tips on how you can determine the root cause of your defective windows:

No power

When suddenly your window doesn't work, all you need is a digital multimeter. You need to check whether the problem is caused by the window regulator or the switch. Connect the red and black tips to the wire of the regulator motor and the window wiring connector. Turn the ignition key to "RUN" position. Raise and lower the window until you get a reading. If the reading is between +12 volts and -12 volts, then the problem is the window regulator and not the switch. You can also check the fuse box for any blown fuse, since the window regulators are high-current devices and the fuse box may have reached its threshold.

Faulty operation

It is inevitable that sooner or later the window regulators will fail you. Either the window will go down, but not go up. When this happens, you can conduct the same test using the multimeter. Again, if the reading toggles between +12 volts and -12 volts, then you should check your window regulator for damage. If there is no reading from the instrument, then it could be due to a bad switch or a broken wire. Replace the defective switch or wire immediately.

Stuck windows

Isn't it awkward that at the time you need to open your window the most, it randomly gets stuck? When this happens, the window regulator does not have enough lubrication to operate smoothly. What you can do is oil the regulator with a silicone spray. However, if it still won't work, then you can further inspect for damages or worn-out parts in the window assembly that you have to replace.

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  • Tips on How to Keep your Lincoln Town Car Window Regulator in Good Condition

    Your Lincoln Town Car's window regulator makes it possible for your power or manual windows to go up and down with ease. However, just like any other car component, your window regulator will yield to wear and tear, especially if it was often used carelessly. But did you know that there are ways to prolong your window regulator's service life? Below are some of the tips on how to keep your Lincoln Town Car's window regulator from wearing out:

    Operate the windows carefully.

    The regulators on the driver and passenger side windows usually wear out faster than those at the rear. Limit your effort when operating the power windows, since too much force can cause the regulator to exceed its threshold in opening the windows. Don't play with the button and press it only when you need it to avoid overusing it.

    Replace bushings regularly.

    Bushings are the small parts of the window regulators that usually wear out fast. Although these components are made from durable materials, they eventually crack and break due to the frequent use of the windows. You can replace the bushings every two years or as long as you've seen cracks or breaks on them. Replacement parts are cheap and available on any auto parts store.

    Clean and reapply grease.

    You can do this when you feel like opening your power window is becoming a struggle. Chances are, there is dried grease on one of the bushing that hinders the regulator from operating smoothly. However, be careful when you disassemble the window assembly if you want to clean it. You can use a mild cleanser to remove the dirt buildup on the window regulator. Also, re-grease it after cleaning it to ensure that the parts will work properly.

    Keep its grease from drying out.

    High temperature could cause the grease of the window regulator to dry up. When this happens, you will have a hard time lowering or raising the window, especially if you left your car unused for sometime on your garage. What you can do to prevent this from happening is to keep the window regulator warmed up. You can do this by tapping the button slowly until it is fully opened. Do the same until it is closed. This way, you are minimizing the chance for the grease to dry up, which creates friction and resistance.