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Lokar Performance Brake Pedal Pad is the perfect tool for learning proper braking

Lokar Performance Throttle Cable prevents your throttle from sticking

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So many drivers put a premium on power over balance. It should be the opposite. For what is power without balance? In simpler terms, learning how to go fast by stepping on the gas pedal is great, but without the ability to brake without upsetting your car's balance, you're no better than any driver out there. Race car drivers may look like all they do is step on the gas. But if you look at their feet, you'll see that they have amazing control over the brake pedal. With the Lokar Performance Brake Pedal Pad, you'll learn that there's a lot more to braking than you thought. Most drivers drive like there's no tomorrow - they give the throttle everything they've got and then step on the brakes as heavy as they can. Some drivers even develop the habit of 'riding' their brakes, which means they rest their feet on the brake pedal for as long as possible. Both these habits cause brakes to wear out faster. Your car also gets thrown off balance with wrong brake footwork. The secret is to conserve momentum by braking little as possible. The Lokar Performance Brake Pedal Pad will give you a firm grip and incredible feel of your brakes. It'll help you master correct braking techniques more easily. Remember, the trick is to use the brakes as little as possible. This racing technique will teach you how to control your throttle and speed. Learn proper braking with the Lokar Performance Brake Pedal Pad.

A lot of car owners complain of their engines idling funny. Just after starting their engines, it idles just right, but soon after driving even short distances, the tachometer needle refuses to drop back to normal idling. It seems as if the engine idles higher after being driven. A lot of reasons can explain this, but one of the most common causes is a worn out throttle cable. You may not be aware but throttle cables are prone to wearing out and losing shape. This is what causes your throttle to 'stick', but not with the Lokar Performance Throttle Cable. If you want your engine to idle at constant rpm (revolutions per minute), you've got to get rid of your old throttle cable. Almost too often, during a car's problematic history, mechanics would rev its engine from the hood. Instead of stepping on the gas pedal, they yank the throttle cable to rev the engine. This makes it easier for mechanics to check the engine while it's running, but it doesn't help the throttle cable in any way. In fact, it causes the cable to bend through time, causing your gas pedal to stick. The Lokar Performance Throttle Cable solves this problem with its heavy-duty stainless steel braided housing. This prevents the cable from being pulled to rev the engine. Instead, mechanics would have to pull on the throttle arm instead. No more sticking throttles. Ever. Get a steady idle and smooth acceleration always with the Lokar Performance Throttle Cable.