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Did you know that blind spots are some of the most common causes of towing accidents on the road? Yes, and that is why it's very important that you have a good mirror every time you're hitching a camper, trailer or another accessory. Problem is, even regular towing mirrors sometimes aren't enough to give you a clear view of the accessory you're towing. It's also troublesome to put them on and take them off your regular side view mirrors. Good thing you can now use a Longview Towing Mirror, which is specially designed to get rid of all these functional shortcomings of regular towing mirrors.

Longview Towing is well-known among truckers for their line of high-quality slip-on towing mirrors. In contrast to run-of-the-mill towing mirrors that are very difficult to mount and remove, the mirrors from Longview literally just slip on and off your regular mirrors. The company now manufactures more than a hundred models of towing mirrors for major vehicle makes such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Mazda and Isuzu. These mirrors are a very different from others as they're crafted with the highest automotive and environmental standards.

Installing the slip-on towing mirror by Longview is very easy. All you need to do is gently slide the mirror over your regular side view mirror 'til it's securely in place. Next, get the hook from the bag of accessories that comes with the mirrors and place it over the inside edge of your regular mirror. Then, insert the hook's threaded end through the hole of the towing mirror's shell. You may then tighten the knob of the towing mirror as you steady it in position. Keep on tightening the knob 'til the mirror is snugly in place but do not tighten it too much. Repeat this simple process for your other existing mirror and voila-your new, high-quality towing mirrors are good to go.