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The clutch pedal is bound to feel spongy when your clutch slave cylinder goes bad since air will be able to get inside the system. When this happens, you have no choice but to replace the cylinder or driving will be significantly more difficult and dangerous. Replacing your stock cylinder with a flimsy aftermarket part may correct the problem temporarily but it's bound to return soon as the new cylinder rapidly deteriorates. So to make sure your replacement job yields the results you want and sustains them for a long time, use an LPR Clutch Slave Cylinder, a heavy-duty replacement part that's trusted by countless motorists nationwide.

LPR has been very active in the global automotive industry for a long time. It specializes in manufacturing brake systems and individual components from high-grade materials. Its clutch slave cylinders are very reliable since these are engineered using only the most advanced computer-aided technologies available. The result is impeccable performance and precision that you'll definitely feel once you install their world-class clutch slave cylinder in your vehicle.

As you know, the clutch slave cylinder is an essential component of the hydraulic clutch system since gear changes are impossible if it's not in perfect condition. It is typically located inside or outside the transmission. As the clutch master cylinder applies pressure on the slave cylinder, it causes the throw-out bearing to disengage the clutch plate from the flywheel, making gear changes possible. It's fairly easy to diagnose a bad slave cylinder since it's bound to affect the operation of the clutch pedal.