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A bad relay makes a bad day. Your car's automatic windows won't work or the headlights won't turn on. As you know, the relay is basically an electromagnetic switch that that can run a higher current than a regular toggle switch. If one of your relays goes bad, you can always replace it with a Lucas Relay. This heavy-duty relay is made of premium materials, so once installed, you'll never have a problem with your windows or headlights again for a long time.

Lucas has been very active in the global automotive industry ever since it started operations all the way back in 1910. Today, the company is owned by TRW automotive, which is a major supplier of automotive parts to OE manufacturers and aftermarket companies. So if you want a name you can trust for your replacement components, you can't go wrong with this one. For instance, if you want to enhance your vehicle's ignition system, you should install Lucas Ignition Points, which are engineered using the most advanced manufacturing technologies to ensure impeccable performance. If your engine is on the verge of a catastrophic collapse because of frequent ignition system malfunction, you should install this high-quality product soon.

The brake caliper is another part of your ride that you should really consider replacing. Calipers tend to cause the car to pull to one side when they go bad, which usually indicates that the calipers are stuck engaging the brakes. Lubrication may temporarily restore your calipers' function but in order for your vehicle to regain its proper operation, you should replace your bad brake caliper with a new one. The Lucas Brake Caliper is an excellent replacement part as it's made of heavy-duty materials that won't easily deteriorate. They're also designed to introduce exceptional precision in your vehicle's braking system.