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Sunny days keep your day bright, but too much sun can also be unhealthy. You might have noticed baseball players wearing their caps or visors during big games. They wear those for a purpose. Visors help them perform better by keeping the glare of the sun out of their eyes.

This is also how the Lund Visor works for your truck or SUV. The Lund Visor perfectly fits across the top edge of the windshield and even extends out to block the rays of the sun. The Lund Visor shading delivers improved visibility, reduced fatigue, and a safer driving condition while contributing to the great look of your vehicle. It is made of fiberglass with a gel-coat finish that you can paint to match your vehicle's look. It truly gives your truck or SUV that distinctive flair you've been looking for. Moreover, Lund Visor offers a range of six different designs, each featuring a different complement of styling cues and options like the vents and lightings for your vehicle.

of your vehicle that you can put it on your car within 15 minutes. It also has a two-piece design that allows the hood to be opened without removing the cover. Aside from its protective covers, LeBra also has a line of fender flares to accentuate your vehicle's look. LeBra Fender Flares are made from durable polymer materials that helps in handling those rocks or stones flying off your tires. It makes sure you are protected from such debris that may easily scratch your vehicles' finish.

Lund also has other good products for you. We have the Lund Running Board, which provides a wide, solid step into your truck that ensures the safety of your passengers, and the Lund Bug Shield, which protects your hood by deflecting rocks, bugs, sand, and other airborne dirt that might harm your vehicle. Whatever it is, just remember that Lund is there for you day in and day out, with its products that surpass industry standards.

Lund Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Lund Tonneau Cover, Visor, Running Boards & Bug Shield Deflectors

    With a low profile design to help eliminate vibration and whistling, the Lund Visor will give your vehicle an integrated custom look. Black accent grids, a fully finished underside and a UV resistant smooth ABS that comes pre-primed will save you valuable paint preparation time. Lund Visors like the Lunar are eye-catching and aerodynamic, and add recessed running lights for added style and safety. It features a patented, concealed mounting system and rigid, easily painted black ABS construction. The lighted version of the classic Lund Visor, the MoonVisor features recessed running lights with easy-to-replace bulbs and wiring that is easy to install. This Lund Visor is dependable both day and night. The original visor from Lund is the industry standard in style and protection. SunVisor is designed to fit over 100 truck and SUV models. This Lund Visor is made of solid fiberglass and has a patented airflow design for improved aerodynamics.
    Lund Tonneau Covers are available in a variety of applications, whatever your needs. The Genesis Hinged Lund Tonneau Cover allows complete and easy access to your truck bed and has heavy-duty gas struts for quick one-hand opening. This Lund Tonneau Cover also has a Slam-N-Scram latch that provides instant latching when closing the cover. With pre-marked rails and heavy-duty clamps, you'll have this Lund Tonneau Cover installed in no time. Lund's Roll Up Tonneau is made of double-sided tear-resistance fabric with a black matte finish. It's pre-assembled for easy, no-drill installation in less than 20 minutes.
    If you want your vehicle to have that from-the-factory look, Lund Running Boards are just the ticket. Made of heavy duty polymer materials with full-step aluminum support, Lund Running Boards come in lighted and non-lighted models and four multi-fit lengths. The Lund SideTracker offers full-length front-and-back-door step coverage and come in six multi-fit models covering most SUV's and some extended cab pickups. The SideTracker is made of a rigid black polymer that can be painted to match your vehicle and includes heavy-duty galvanized steel support brackets.
    To keep your hood looking like it just came off the showroom floor, try a Lund Bug Shield. The AVS Bugflector will not only prevent road debris and bugs from damaging your hood, fenders and windshield, but it will also add a sleek, aerodynamic look to your truck. This Lund Bug Shield installs quickly and easily with 3MTM Acrylic Foam Tape or mechanical fasteners. The AVS Bugflector II has a wrap-around design that is car-wash safe and is available in dark smoke or paintable clear impact-modified acrylic. It's off-the-hood design permits easy cleaning and waxing. Custom applications are available for trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles.

  • Lund: Precision & Technology

    For truck and SUV accessories, Lund is one brand you can rely on. Know more about Lund by clicking here.
    When choosing accessories for your light truck or SUV, style is not the only thing that matters. No matter how cool a new running board is, for example, it's no good if it doesn't provide ample stepping support, or does it only for a few months. The elegant style of a vent visor is nothing if it doesn't last. You need accessories also to have assured function to get the job done and the toughness to last road conditions. If you have no idea what brand can give those to you, then Lund is a brand that you should know.
    Established in 1997, Lund International is a company that specializes in light truck accessories that combine style, function, and durability while offering them at affordable prices. The company aims to provide the best automotive accessories in the market. You can see Lund's commitment to its vision through its products such as custom grilles, running boards, vent visors, and bug shields.
    the secret behind the quality of Lund products is in how the company makes them. Employing only the best designers and technicians, the company assures that its products are top-of-the-line both in appearance and in function. And using plastic injection molding, thermoforming and CNC machines, Lund assures product quality and durability. Aside from those benefits, those processes assure precise fit and easy installation. That is how Lund's products all feature eye-catching designs, easy fit, installation, and long-lasting function. All together, these make Lund the brand of choice in wide list of light truck accessories in the market today.

  • Choosing the Right Lund Product, For the Right Job

    Lund accessories can be counted on since they're produced by the industry leader

    Dress up your truck or SUV with Lund bug shields, running boards, and tonneau covers

    Lund running boards can prevent a nasty fall in snowy or icy conditions

    No company has the experience and expertise in truck outfitting that Lund has

    There's a reason baseball players wear caps with brims: They can perform better when the glare of the sun is kept out of their eyes. Why should it be any different when you're driving your truck or SUV? A Lund visor fits across the top edge of the windshield and extends out to block the rays of the sun. You get better visibility, reduced fatigue, and safer driving conditions when you have a Lund visor shading your field of view. Those are the facts: Now what about the opinions? Let's face it; the real reason most folks want a Lund visor is because they look great. Made from fiberglass with a gel-coat finish that you can paint to match your truck, a Lund visor gives your truck or SUV a distinctive flair. And there's not just one Lund visor either. You can choose from six different Lund visor designs, each featuring a different complement of styling cues and options such as vents and lighting. If there's a certain look you're trying to achieve, there's a Lund visor that will help you accomplish it. You just happen to get a premium quality product that's an excellent aid to driving in the processall from your new Lund visor.

    You'd expect an industry leader in truck accessories like Lund to have a full complement of tonneau covers, right? Well, you'd be right. Regardless of your budget, preferences, or needs, there's a Lund tonneau cover that will fit the bill. But let's back up a bit and explain, for the novice, what a Lund tonneau cover is. Quite simply, a tonneau cover, like the Lund tonneau cover, is a vinyl, plastic, or fiberglass cover that fits over the bed of your pickup truck. Things get tricky after that because manufacturers like Lund have come up with so many innovative tonneau designs. For example, there's a basic snap-down Lund tonneau cover, a roll-up Lund tonneau cover, and a channel-lock, or Seal & Peal Lund tonneau cover. Then things start to get a little more interesting. There's also a tri-fold Lund tonneau cover that is a hybrid, combining the best of a folding hard tonneau with the advantages of a vinyl soft tonneau. The Genesis hinged Lund tonneau cover cuts the line between hard and soft tonneaus even closer. So take a look at our Lund tonneau cover offeringsyou're bound to see one of them and think aha! That's exactly what I need! And since you're selecting a Lund tonneau cover, you can rest assured you're getting an accessory from one of the premium names in the business.

    Tubular steel or molded fiberglass, OE-look or crazy custom stylewhatever you're into, there are Lund running boards that will suit your style. Beyond looks, though, Lund running boards are an important safety accessory for your truck or SUV. Lund running boards provide a wide, solid step into your truck, which your shorter or less-fit passengers will appreciate. In snowy, icy weather, Lund running boards can mean the difference between a nasty fall or pulled muscle and climbing into your vehicle without incident. Of course, what's functionality without good looks, right? Especially when it comes to your pride and joy. Lund running boards offer the combination of sturdy construction and style that truck owners crave. All Lund running boards are built to workeven the wildest fiberglass styled Lund running boards have the underpinnings of heavy-duty truck accessories. With some paint and graphics, though, no one will have to know that your Lund running boards are as tough as they are attractive. So step up to a set of Lund running boardsyour wife, daughter, friend, and even you yourself might appreciate them more than you'll ever know.