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X Pipe by Magnaflow

Magnaflow X Pipe: A Comprehensive Guide

The right performance exhaust pipe can certainly beef up your ride's power and torque, making it a real monster on the road. This promise of greater horsepower can definitely prompt you to trade your stock pipes for high-performance ones, but is it really worth the trouble? You wouldn't want to waste your money on something that doesn't fit nor suit your vehicle's needs, even if it is said to be a tried-and-tested product like the Magnaflow X pipe. So, before you cash out your hard-earned money for this aftermarket unit, you need to inform yourself first about the product's features and benefits. You'll surely thank yourself in the future for gathering as much information as you can before taking the big plunge. After all, it's your wallet and bank account on the line here. To help you decide better, check out the guide below:

What makes it reliable: Shape is what defines and sets the Magnaflow X pipe apart from other aftermarket units. Unlike traditional H-pipes, Magnaflow's specialized X-shape pipe delivers better exhaust flow and scavenging. The pipe's specially designed inner radius decreases the decibel level of exhaust noise while beefing up your ride's horsepower at the same time. The specialized shaping also provides greater balance between your vehicle's cylinder banks. Aside from its unique shape, the product is also engineered from 400-series stainless steel for maximum durability and enhanced corrosion-resistance qualities.

Where it fits: The Magnaflow X pipe is a direct fit aftermarket unit for modified exhaust systems, so this product can fit virtually all vehicle makes and models.

How to extend its service life: With its durable construction and specialized design, the Magnaflow X pipe will certainly provide you with good service for many years. If you want to prolong its life, though, you need to practice proper care and regular maintenance. Upon installation, make sure all rusted bolts are removed before attempting to attach the pipe to your exhaust system. This will help ensure the rust doesn't spread to your newly purchased X pipe. Also, lubricate and clean the exhaust pipe regularly to prevent rust from forming on the metal.

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Magnaflow X Pipe Articles

  • What You Should Expect from a Magnaflow X Pipe

    The Magnaflow X pipe is said to give you the best of both worlds. The specialized shaping of this product promises to beef up your ride's power while canceling unwanted exhaust noise at the same time. For a high-performance exhaust pipe, the increase in HP and decrease in decibel level seem like enticing benefits. But is the Magnaflow X pipe really a worthy addition to your exhaust system? Should you throw away your stock pipe and shell out some bucks for this aftermarket unit? To help you come up with a better decision, check out the ratings below:

    Does it provide good performance? (4/5 stars)

    Magnaflow changed the rules of the exhaust pipe game with its specialized X-shaped pipes, a technology that is said to have turned some of its competition to dust. This specialized shaping technology makes the product a step ahead of traditional pipes. Because it veers away from the usual H-shape, the X-pipe is said to improve exhaust flow and scavenging while simultaneously increasing horsepower and reducing unwanted noise. To test its power, this product was used on a BMW X5. After driving the crossover for a few hours, it was noticed that the usually loud exhaust noise was reduced to a low roar that is barely even audible. Aside from this, there was also a significant increase in the X5's power and torque. The product earned four out of five stars for performing well on the road.

    Is it easy to install? (5/5 stars)

    Because it is a direct fit unit, the product can be easily installed to any vehicle. It also features a hassle-free weld-on installation, so adding it to your exhaust system is a cinch. To install the pipe, simply bolt it in place, align it with your bumper, and you're done. When doing the installation, make sure you tighten all bolts to secure the exhaust pipe properly. Also, consult your vehicle manual and read the product's instructions carefully while doing the process. A perfect rating was given for the product's fast and easy installation.

    Is it worth your money? (4/5 stars)

    The X-pipe can certainly deliver exceptional performance on the road, but it's quite pricey and heavy on the pocket. It seems like a worthy investment, though, with all the benefits it offers. A staggering price tag is actually not surprising, considering the power this product can give to your vehicle. As such, it got a four out of five rating in this category.

    Overall rating: 4.33/5