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Has a powerful magnet to pull metal particles in oil 5mm or smaller

Filter material blocks off particles which are non-metal

MagneFine Transmission Filter is the best filter for your transmission or power steering system

MagneFine helps your transmission and power steering system last longer

Two feet are better than two hands. So many drivers have been pulled over by cops for pulling off stunts such as driving with their feet. That's the advantage of an automatic transmission. All you need is one foot on the gas and brake plus your other foot on the steering wheel. The only problem is the fluid inside the transmission. Just like engine parts, transmission gears produce a lot of sharp metal filings. These filings can cause damage to the rest of the transmission if left to flow around. Use the MagneFine Transmission Filter. It automatically draws in metal filings found in transmission or power steering fluid. Although transmission housings have a piece of magnet attached to their inner wall, it's not enough to keep the fluid free from metal filings. It's also located in a spot where you can't reach easily. You have no way of cleaning it once filled with metal barbs. The solution is setting up an extra filter to do the job - the MagneFine Transmission Filter. Its dual filtration system acts as a guard against particles sized anywhere between 5mm and bigger. A powerful magnet pulls in metal and iron filings-anything smaller than 5mm, very much like a hungry sea predator waiting silently in the depths for its prey. This filter is as effective as a sea anemone sucking in tiny sea creatures into its hungry mouth. With the power of the MagneFine Transmission Filter, your transmission lives longer and performs better, always.