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Transmission leaks can develop in a number of places in your vehicle; and wherever they occur, the resulting transmission fluid loss is always costly and damaging to the tranny assembly. If you're transmission system has been acting up these past few days, you should check your transmission pan gasket as this could crack due to age and wear, letting fluid seep through. Of course, you may take your vehicle to the auto repair shop but the fee could skyrocket. If you have some DIY background, it's probably best to replace the bad gasket yourself using a Mark Automotive Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket.

Another place to look for leaks is the transmission filter, which ensures that the transmission fluid circulating in the car is sufficiently clean. Closely inspect around this area and check whether a reddish or brown liquid is trickling below the engine. If you see seepage, then there's a good chance that you do have a transmission fluid leak. Take a closer look at the filter, too, as it's probably dirty, especially if you haven't changed it for a long time. Don't worry though if the filter is indeed in bad condition since you can always install a new Mark Automotive Transmission Filter.

Finally, if your driveway has puddles of fluid, check your drive axle if it has some sort of seepage. In particular, see if the seals are dripping fluid. Remember that all seals deteriorate in time and these seals are no different. If you haven't replaced these seals since you got your vehicle, there's a huge possibility that they're no longer fit for use. To avoid getting yourself in danger on the road, replace them with a Mark Automotive Drive Axle Seal as soon as possible. This seal, as well as all the others mentioned above, are very durable, so they'll last a long time.