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There could be a lot of reasons why your vehicle has been running hot these past few days. It's important to check whether your oil is cooling efficiently and that your cooling system isn't covered in road grime. Seals are especially important and one seal that you should really take a closer look at is the engine to body seal. This is the one that goes all the way around your engine. If it's leaking fluid, you should replace it immediately with a new one. For the best results, install a high-quality Marnal Engine to Body Seal.

Marnal is a well-established automotive parts manufacturer. It produces high-quality replacement parts for Volkswagen vehicles, as well as Italian auto components, cylinder heads and engine valves among many others. One of their products that you may want to install on your vehicle is the heavy-duty Marnal Brake Bleed Screw. This will directly replace your factory screw in case it's in really bad shape. For instance, many drivers accidentally break their brake bleed screws, or the screws may give way because of their flimsy construction or advanced age. With a new screw installed, you can correctly and safely bleed your brakes again.

Another common problem for a lot of drivers is control arm failure. When this happens, driving becomes difficult as your vehicle's handling terribly suffers. You may feel sustained vibrations and excessive play. The vehicle may wobble and wander while you're driving, making driving more dangerous. Not to worry though because if your OE control arm is in bad shape, you can always replace it with a Marnal Control Arm. This replacement control arm is made of high-strength materials that will withstand road abuse for a very long time.