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Marshall Engines are recognized as America's most reliable remanufactured engines.

Marshall Engines leads the pack with the introduction of the world's first dyno tested and documented production remanufactured replacement engine.

By adapting the QS-9000 quality standards created by Ford, Chrysler, & General Motors, Marshall Engines ensure top-notch products all the time.

Since 1982, Marshall Engines has shipped over two hundred thousand remanufactured engines.

If all that's left of your old engine is a mind-boggling crawl, don't be surprised. Its parts are probably long overdue for replacement. In fact, the engine itself may be asking for a replacement already. So do it a favor and give it a break. Replace it with the Marshall Engines Engine Assembly. Why pay for overhauling your old engine? Having its surfaces repolished and its parts replaced would easily cost you over five grand. You won't even be sure how long your old engine will last after an overhaul. At half that cost, you can get a totally-rebuilt engine which will last your car another lifetime. The Marshall Engines Engine Assembly has been repolished from the inside out. Each of its parts have also been replaced and upgraded to avoid known failures. And what's most important is its 3-years/100,000-miles warranty to back you up in case of problems. All these in one complete engine package - at half the cost of rebuilding your old engine. When this engine gets under your car's hood, you'd be surprised how long it has been since your car ran like brand-new. So what are you waiting for? Great deals on the Marshall Engines Engine Assembly await you right here in CarParts.