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CV joints are some of the most important parts of your vehicle. These should always be in tip-top condition lest the axle lose control of the torque that the drive wheels generate. As you may know, there is one CV boot in each front wheel. The boot is basically a cover that protects the CV joint from damage. It's usually made of high-strength plastic, rubber or another compound with similar consistency. Don't worry if your CV boots have sustained a significant amount of damage because you can always fix them using a Maruichi CV Boot Kit.

CV boots are always lubricated, so the joints are thoroughly protected while they're in motion. For this reason, the boots are under great pressure whenever you drive. Rubber and plastic deteriorate due to age and their rate of deterioration accelerates with heat. Without sufficient lubrication, these materials will crack or rip, exposing the joints, which may result in severe damage. For this reason, drivers usually replace their CV boots before their joints. And if you're planning to replace your existing CV boots precisely for this purpose, you have the best solution in the Maruichi CV Boot Kit.

It's quite difficult to replace CV boots because their location is hard to access. Having your boots replaced at an auto shop is a good option, though be warned that the costs could skyrocket. If you have plenty of experience in DIY repair, you can replace the boots yourself. The replacement job requires you to lift your vehicle's front tires, and you have to remove the brake calipers and wheel hubs, as well. But not to worry because once you access the boots, you can fast-forward the replacement using the Maruichi CV Boot Kit, which includes the parts you need to finish the job as quickly and as painlessly as possible.