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Mazda 626 Catalytic Converter

Defined, catalytic converter is an emission-control device used to ensure that the exhaust coming out of the vehicle is safe from hazardous substances like hydrocarbons and other harmful byproducts of the engine during combustion process. It is a very significant part of the vehicle's exhaust system and it also plays a significant role in the environment. This is the reason why the law requires all road vehicles to have a catalytic converter, though there are models which are already outfitted with two catalytic converters.

Replacing a clogged or damaged catalytic converter in your Mazda 626 not only guarantees maximum performance from your engine; it is also a way to be sure that your car meets the present emissions standards of the industry. But how does it work? Catalytic converters usually feature two catalysts - the oxidation catalyst and reduction catalyst. The one that do the job of converting the nitrogen oxides into less harmful emissions is the reduction catalyst while the component that's responsible for burning out the byproducts of gas or fuel combustion such as hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide is the oxidations catalyst. The catalytic converter also houses a sensor which helps control the air-to-fuel ration that's being burned in the engine. After passing these three significant components of the catalytic converter, you are now assured that the exhaust given off by your vehicle is safer and absolutely less hazardous.

If you're in a hunt for Mazda 626 catalytic converter, you can consider a universal converter. But of course, prior to your purchase, make sure first that you know the exact size and type of the converter that perfectly fits your Mazda model. Then, look through the inlet and outlet setup of your Mazda 626's exhaust system. Many vehicles feature a catalytic converter with an inlet and an outlet while some cars with complex exhaust system come dual inlets or outlets. Also, determine if your Mazda 626 needs an oxygen sensor or oxygen port on the catalytic converter itself.

Most importantly, know the length of your Mazda 626 catalytic converter to be sure that you'll find correct replacement. Once you've already determine the kind of Mazda catalytic converter installed in your Mazda 626, you can now proceed to your search for a replacement unit. Mazda 626 replacement catalytic converters come in wide availability in most auto-part store in the industry. So if you want to bring back your vehicle's utmost performance, replace your clogged or defective Mazda 626 catalytic converter with a new, high quality unit.

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