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Mazda Antenna

If the battery is dead when you try to start your Mazda in the morning, one of the possible causes can be easily overlooked. A retractable Mazda antenna that is frozen because of corrosion or another problem in the retraction system could leave the motor that operates it constantly running. If you are lucky enough to hear it running before you go inside at night, you can either pull the fuse or cut the wire to the motor, in order to conserve the battery. Otherwise, the motor of the Mazda antenna will easily deplete the battery in a matter of a few hours, or less. When the unit must be replaced, you will find the correct powered Mazda antenna assembly in our online catalog for significantly less than what a dealership would charge. Unfortunately, the task of installing the new unit may be very difficult, depending on where it is located. Many are placed inside the fender, and it will require a few hours of work to replace to old Mazda antenna with the new one. In addition to the powered Mazda antenna, our catalog also has the standard version in stock, for almost any vehicle. Both versions of the Mazda antenna are made to meet or exceed the specifications of the original unit, and they come with a full warranty from the manufacturer that guarantees their quality. Our catalog also has a full selection of other parts and accessories that will help you repair, maintain, protect, or customize your Mazda, and for the prices, they are all great values. With our easy ordering and quick order processing, your new Mazda antenna will soon arrive at your door.