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Mazda B2200 Fuel Tank

How to Take Care of Your Mazda B2200 Fuel Tank

Your Mazda B2200 fuel tank is designed to house and safekeep your precious fuel. However, rust can accumulate in your fuel tank, resulting in contaminated fuel and poor vehicle performance. In extreme cases, the fuel tank can also crack, leading to leaking fuel. This would be a waste of hard-earned cash and would be very dangerous because fuel is highly inflammable. So, for you to avoid such problems, you must see to it that your fuel tank is properly maintained.

  • Remove the rust.
  • To effectively remove rust, start by using a pressure washer to get rid of corrosion. You can then clean it using hot, soapy water. Once the tank is dry, you can pour in water and muriatic acid into the tank. Make sure to get rid of any acid residue by pouring in some baking soda and two gallons of water. As for preventing rust buildup in the future, you can pour in isopropyl alcohol into the tank after draining it. Then pour out the alcohol after ten minutes. Exposing the fuel tank to diluted muriatic acid and isopropyl alcohol is an effective means of removing rust and lessening the effects of corrosion in the future. However, if acid and alcohol won't do the trick, then you probably need to get a new tank.

  • Clean the fuel tank properly.
  • Another tip to keep the tank in top condition is to properly clean it with a tank cleaner. Basically, you just need to empty the gas tank and remove it from the vehicle. Then pour in the cleaner, let it sit for several hours, and drain it out. Get rid of cleaner residue by repeatedly rinsing the inside of the tank with water. Once it's dry, you can re-install it into your vehicle. Now when using a tank cleaner, make sure you dilute it properly and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

  • Have a reliable fuel cap.
  • This is one of the simplest ways of maintaining your fuel tank. A sturdy fuel cap will keep your fuel contaminant free, which is sure to help prolong the condition of the fuel tank.

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