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Mazda B4000 Tailgate Handle

Problems Encountered with a Mazda B4000 Tailgate Handle

You may often see your car as a whole and not as parts. That's why you can be forgiven for failing to notice the often underrated parts of a car, the door handles. Your tailgate handles, in particular, may be among the most and often neglected parts. Since you don't open it as much as the other doors, you may fail to notice when it needs to be changed out. Don't let it slide, though, because a tailgate handle can also mean trouble if it breaks down. You may have a hard time loading things into your car's rear compartment, or you may also have a hard time trying to open the back for letting people in. Some of the more common problems with a tailgate handle are listed below:

Latch fails to stay closed

It often happens to you when you're in a hurry. There are times when you fail to notice that you closed your tailgate too softly or you may have slammed it a little too hard. This also affects the tailgate handle. It may get dislodged, or may fail to work properly because some mechanisms may have come undone. Before you think about replacing your tailgate latch, take notice of how you closed your tailgate. It may require either a simple tune-up or an extensive check-up.

Exposure to the elements

Your tailgate handle is usually made of plastic. Being made of plastic, and depending on where you live, it may suffer from a lot of damage. Some handles may become brittle and break easily because of their exposure to weather. Rain and sun may combine to weaken the plastic. Other factors such as sand and other contaminants may make your tailgate handles break down as well.

Failing cables

Inside your car door is a network of mechanisms designed to work your tailgate handle and make it open or close. There could be times when they suddenly go out, and you may become stuck with a non-working tailgate handle. Try to figure out if something broke in the mechanism before you blame your tailgate handle for the trouble. Oftentimes, a detached cable or a missing piece may make your tailgate handle hard to work with.

Other problems

Some of the problems with your tailgate handle may be because of factory defects. A hinge may be bent, a cable detached, or there might be parts missing. In case this happens to you, don't hesitate to bring your car in for a replacement or check-up.

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  • Tips on Keeping your Mazda B4000 Tailgate Handle in Top Condition

    Have you ever experienced being stuck out in the cold with no way to get into your car? What about not being able to bring in all of your groceries into your car? This has been experienced by owners who failed to place a premium on their door handles. Being a door handle, the tailgate handle suffers from the same damage door handles go through. To avoid experiencing being left out in the cold or being unable to load your stuff on your car, here are a few tips to follow:

    Paint your tailgate handle

    Plastics are sensitive things. Continuous exposure over the years often leaves them in a state of disarray, and in possible danger of breaking down. What you can do with your tailgate handle, to protect it from different weather, is to paint it. Paint is usually used to protect metal. In this same scenario, paint can protect plastic from being exposed to different weather conditions. Not to mention that this can also add a dimension to giving your tailgate a unique appearance.

    Take care when opening your tailgate

    There are many other factors which can affect your tailgate handle. There are times when extremely cold weather can affect your tailgate handle in the sense that ice can form and completely freeze the mechanisms attached to it. At the same time, a dislocated mechanism can force it to lock itself up prematurely, giving you a hard time opening your tailgate. If you find that you cannot open your tailgate and you don't have an idea of what might be wrong, do not pull on your handle again and again. You might only make your problems far worse that they now are.

    Shave your handle

    Shaving a tailgate handle is considered a style consideration, and is a makeover option for those who want to customize their vehicles. There are other benefits to doing this, though. When you shave your tailgate handle, you can also reduce the effects that other different road conditions have on it.

    Relocate your tailgate handle

    For an even original look, truck customizers often take their tailgate handles off and move it to another area. This give the truck an original look, and gives the tailgate a more solid appearance. Aside from this, it may also improve the chances your tailgate has against different mistreatment it might suffer when it is left in its original position.