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Mazda Intake Manifold

Fuelit is the primary element needed by your Mazda's engine to produce power. Fuel alone, however, is not enough for the engine to produce the power that the vehicle needs. For fuel to burn inside the engine cylinders, the engine would also need air. Further, for smooth engine operation, each cylinder of the engine must be fed with an equal amount of fuel and air mixture. This is the reason why your Mazda is equipped with complex air and fuel intake systems. And to deliver the proper amount of air and fuel from these systems, there is the Mazda intake manifold.

The Mazda intake manifold is a system of passages that directs the proper mixture of air and fuel from their source to each and every cylinder in the engine. For late- model Mazda vehicles, the intake manifold would ordinarily be seen sitting between the throttle body and the cylinder head. For older and vintage Mazda vehicles, the inlet manifold would usually be located between the carburetor and the cylinder head. Still, for vehicles with multi-point injected engines, the intake manifold would be seen holding the fuel injectors.

There are many different intake manifold configurations used on different Mazda vehicle models. These configurations would usually depend on the type of engine used on the particular vehicle as well as in the arrangement of the engine in its compartment. But while Mazda intake manifold configurations may differ for each Mazda vehicle, the path that the air and fuel mixture follows for each of these configurations would generally be the same. From the throttle body or the carburetor, the mixture would travel through a chamber called plenum. From the plenum, the mixture would then be delivered to individual tubes called intake runners, which in turn would direct the mixture to the individual intake ports of the engine's cylinders.

A very important component that ensures the proper and smooth operation of the engine, the intake manifold must not be neglected whenever you are giving your Mazda a maintenance check. If damaged, it is recommended that the manifold be replaced at once, unless you want further problems like external coolant loss, engine misfires, engine overheating and other engine problems.