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Mazda Miata Fender

Common Causes of Mazda Miata Fender Defects

A sleek and classy auto like your Mazda Miata requires extra care to maintain its charming appeal. In the event that the auto suffers from a collision, your car's fenders are most likely the ones to take the hit. If this happens, your vehicle will have an ugly dented look and you might have to replace or repair it depending on the gravity of damage. So, if you need some troubleshooting tips for dents and other fender problems, then you are in luck. Here are some common causes behind defective Mazda Miata fenders.

Dented fenders

Dented fenders are a common problem encountered by drivers. These are usually caused by minor collisions and are also easily neglected because the damage appears to be mainly cosmetic. But if these dented fender parts are left unaddressed, you will likely find them rusting and wearing at a faster rate than the other well-conditioned fenders. So, automotive experts advise that once you find dented fenders, have them repaired as soon as possible.

Rusting fenders

Fortunately, rusting fenders are easily detected and addressed. Rusting, in fact, is a common defect among scraped and dented fenders. This is because the underlying metal from a damaged fender is more exposed to water and moisture. Once you find a hint of rust in your fenders, better prepare a wire brush and a solution of lime juice and salt. This alternative solution is a proven rust remover. Just allow the solution to dry for a few hours before scrubbing off the rust. Once this procedure is done, you may apply a rust-inhibiting wax to add a defense against rusting and corrosion.

Excessive tire wear

Have you recently experienced a fender-bender? If you have and you were still unable to repair the damaged parts, then you run the risk of excessive tire wear. You can easily notice this by inspecting the tires if they touch the fenders. There should also be a noticeable vibration or disturbance when you drive the auto. As a solution, some drivers roll the insides of the fenders in such a way that the fender lips are away from the tires.

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  • Stress-free Tips to Keep a Mazda Miata Fender in Good Condition

    Your Mazda Miata fenders are built to protect your auto's wheels from damage caused by dirt and debris. But, even with the parts' durability, they are still likely to exhibit signs of damage like rusting and corrosion over time. If you have no idea how to go about the fender maintenance, then you will have a hard time keeping your car's sleek and classy appeal. Fortunately, here are some easy and stress-free tips to keep a Mazda Miata fender in good condition:

    Avoid driving through water puddles.

    Constantly driving your auto through water puddles may cause the early wear of your fenders. Since fenders are made of steel, they are highly-susceptible to rusting and corrosion. You can easily avoid this by not driving your auto on rough terrain and on puddled or flooded areas.

    Repair minor dents.

    Dent damages may appear only as a cosmetic problem, but in fact, these dents should not be underestimated because they can lead to further damages like rusting and premature wear. To fix these parts, you may use a plunger to suction the dent. For a more efficient repair, try using the plunger at the outer edges of the dent and slowly work your way inward. As an alternative, you may also use a hammer wrapped in a soft rag, to strike the part back to its original shape. The rag is wrapped around so you will not damage the fenders' paint job.

    Remove rust and scratches.

    Fine-grit sandpaper works well in removing minor scratches and signs of rusting on a damaged fender. Some DIY experts also recommend using a steel wool pad or wire brush in scrubbing off rust. In fact, as an alternative to the more expensive rust dissolvers, other drivers use a solution of lime juice and salt to help remove signs of corrosion easily. Once you are done with removing the rust spots and holes, apply some rust-inhibiting wax to help prevent another case of rusting.

    Repaint flaking fender paint.

    Before repainting the part, make sure that you clean the fenders with an all-purpose cleaner. Do not forget to clean the underside so that any tar, grit, and dirt particles are removed. After this, your fenders should be ready for painting. Apply around three coats of paint before allowing the fenders to dry.