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Mazda Millenia Splash Shield

Usual Indications of a Worn Mazda Millenia Splash Shield

Your splash shield located on the inner fender is designed to block water and road debris from entering the engine bay and car's underbody. Commonly called as "inner fender liner," this shield also functions as a road noise dampener which reduces the sound caused by the contact of the tire with the road. Your splash shield is prone to wear and tear, and you should be aware when it is already going south. Following are some signs:


Over time, because of servicing, repair, and preventive maintenance done on the engine bay, fender, and wheels, your splash shield deforms. When this occurs, parts of your splash shield are moved out of its place. Because of this, since it is located just above the wheel, it tends to rub with the tire when the vehicle is turning or running. Once this occurs, your splash shield melts because of the friction and heat it makes with the tire.

Dirty engine bay

If you notice that your engine bay has gotten dirty on the left, right, or both sides, one or both of your splash shields may have gotten bad. The inner fender liner is the engine bay's main protection against different elements on the road while your car is running. However, your splash shield tends to get worn over time to the point where it rubs with the tires of your car. When this happens, the shield material becomes burned and shredded, allowing the road elements to enter your engine bay.

Inner fender noise

Your Mazda Millenia splash shield is located at the inner fender well of your car. Aside from blocking elements from the road, it also eliminates wheel noise. However, since the shield is prone to different vibrations, its mounting clips tend to go loose, resulting in a misplaced shield. When this happens, it would not function as well as it should be, resulting in more noise and vibrations from the inner fender.

Burning smell

Another sign that your Mazda Millenia splash shield is dislocated is a burning smell on the inner fender. The odor is caused by the rubbing of the plastic shield and the rubber tire. It is more apparent when you are driving at high speed. When you notice the smell, the fender is the first part you need to look at.

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  • Getting the Most Out of Your Mazda Millenia Splash Shield

    More commonly known as "inner fender liner," your splash shield keeps water and debris from the road from entering the engine bay, door jam, and underbody of your car. Unfortunately, the inner fender liner is not made to last forever. It eventually tears and wears, allowing contaminants to enter the sensitive components of your vehicle. With this in mind, you should make sure your splash shield is always in top condition. Following are some tips you would find useful:

    Clean the wheel well regularly.

    Your splash shield is located on your wheel well. Since the shield catches the different road elements, it eventually gets dirty and affects the look of the whole wheel well. Any dirt stuck on your shield can cause rusting of the fenders and result in a costly replacement or repair. Regularly pressure-washing it with water, chemical cleaner, and sponge helps avoid such problem.

    Prevent rust from affecting the wheel well.

    The wheel well is exposed to different element especially moisture and water, making it prone to rust. Since your splash shield is attached to the metal wheel well, you need to protect the whole of the well from rust. You can do this with the use of bedliner spray on the wheel well. Spray the solution onto the shield and the wheel well from time to time.

    Mind the drainage system of your car.

    Since it is located right above the wheels of your vehicle, the small ridges and linings on your Mazda Millenia splash shield can accumulate and store small amount of water. This small amount can prove to be dangerous to your car because it is enough to develop rust that gets larger over time. With this, make sure there are enough holes in your wheel well to allow the exit of trapped water and other elements.

    Immediately deal with cracks.

    Because your Mazda Millenia splash shield is made of plastic and it is subject to vibrations from the road and your engine, it tends to develop cracks over time. These cracks can prove to be risky presences on your shield as they may grow larger over time. To fix the problem, take out your heat gun and melt the cracks.