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Mazda Protege Grille

Usual Signs of Mazda Protege Grille Problems

Your Mazda Protege grille neither works electrically nor mechanically. It simply sits right in front of your engine compartment, protecting it from road dirt and dust. This means that you may expect less headaches from this part. However, it may break or get dirty over time. With this, you should know when to attend to your grille. Following are some signs that this part is calling your attention.


The most common problem with your grille is dirt and filth. Since it catches the contaminants that could damage your car's internal parts, dirt and grime collect on its surface. If this happens, the air that enters your engine compartment may become limited and your car may overheat faster. More so, your grille affects the appearance of your vehicle since it is the first thing pedestrians and other drivers see. To avoid such problems, you need to wash your grille regularly. Penetrating oil and cooking spray would be enough to remove the toughest buildup on this part.

Loose grille

Over time, the holes where the tabs of your grille attach stretch. This is due to the intense vibrations from your engine as well as the bumps from the road your grille experiences. You can resolve the issue with the help of duct tape or silicone sealant. However, these materials may hinder airflow into your engine compartment. With this, be extra careful in applying these adhesives on your grille.

Rattling Mazda Protege grille

This symptom as a more serious form of a loose grille. The rattling sound may be heard especially when the car is at idle. This means that your grille is so loose to the point where it plays a lot in its frame. This may also be a sign that it is close to detaching from your car's body. This problem may be caused by loose clips and tabs. When you hear your grille rattle, you should check these clips and tabs and make sure they are tight.

Deteriorating grille

Over time, your grille deteriorates. This is a symptom that the part has reached its end. A plastic grille may be sun-bleached while a steel grille may rust. These conditions are caused by the same factors-extreme heat, road conditions, dirt, and moisture. It may take some years before your grille reaches this state, and once it does, replacement is an imperative.

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  • How to Take Care of Your Mazda Protege Grille

    Your Mazda Protege grille serves two special functions despite the fact that it does nothing other than sit in front of your engine compartment. This part protects your underhood from road debris, dirt, and other particles that may contaminate the internal parts of your car. Also, since it is located in front of your vehicle, it serves an aesthetic purpose by adding style to your ride. Because of these functions, damage on your grille entails an ugly car and vulnerable internal parts. To avoid such problems, you need to take good care of this part and make sure it is safe from dirt and damage.

    Wash your grille on a regular basis.

    Since your grille serves as a dirt guard to your engine compartment, cleanliness of this part is a very crucial aspect you need to maintain. Because it catches road debris and dirt every time you drive your car, dirt and dead bugs stick to your grille over time. These things settle on your grille and become difficult to remove. Also, they would become completely obvious for anyone to see. With this, you need to wash your grille from time to time.

    Be extra careful during the winter.

    During the winter season, dirt and bugs are not the only things you should watch out for. Snow may also build up on your grille whenever you drive a snowy street. This buildup can grow larger and block air flow into your engine compartment. This would eventually lead to an engine overheat. To avoid this, it is recommended to check your grille for snow every time you are about to hit the road.

    Repair small damages on your Mazda Protege grille immediately.

    Your grille is subjected to a lot of vibrations from your engine as well as bumps from the road. Because of these, it may suffer minimal cracks and scratches. When these occur, you need to have them repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, these problems grow larger to the point where you have no choice but spend on a replacement grille.

    Protect your grille with a car bra.

    A car bra is a detachable covering used to protect your grille and hood. It blocks bugs and dirt that become difficult to remove. The car bra is available in the market at around $50.