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Mazda Protege Headlights

Problems with Your Mazda Protege Headlights

The Mazda Protege was popular small family car that was produced in great numbers from 1963 up to 2003 making it one of Mazda's longest running nameplates. Over the years, some owners of the Protege have reported problems about their vehicle's headlights. Common issues was that the lights were very dim at times or would flicker on and off. Since headlights would only last for a couple of years before you need to replace them, then it's best to learn to troubleshoot simple problems with your Mazda Protege headlights so you could do some preventative maintenance.

Weak lights

Most folks who are experiencing weak headlights may have a couple of problems that they'll need to check. First, lights need to be powered by your vehicle's battery and alternator. So if there are any problems with these two components, then they'll definitely affect the performance of your vehicle's headlights. If you've checked that both the battery and the alternator are fine, then you'll need to bring out a multimeter to test the wiring of your vehicle's headlights. Don't forget to check if the connectors are plugged in tight, since they can come loose over time. The worst case scenario would be that the bulbs inside the headlights are already starting to wear out, so the best solution would be to simply replace the headlights instead.

Low beam headlights have stopped working

Your Protege's low beam headlight would probably wear out faster than the high beams since you use them more often. Once they stop working, you'll want to check out a couple of things before outright replacing them. Apart from the tests mentioned above, you'd also want to check if you simply blew the fuse for your headlights. Open your fuse box and locate the fuse for your Mazda Protege headlights. If it appears burnt out, then simply replace them and check if your headlights are working properly again. Once you've checked all of these, then you'd have to take out your headlamps to see if they're already burnt out and would need to be replaced. Most headlights should be replaced every two years or once they start to show signs of wear and tear. You wouldn't want them to suddenly fail entirely while you're driving in the middle of the night.

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  • Tips on Maintaining Your Mazda Protege Headlights

    You can't drive at night safely unless you've got a working pair of headlights. You also wouldn't want these lamps to suddenly fail while you're driving in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. That's why it's best that you stick to a regular maintenance schedule to make sure that your Mazda Protege headlights are always working at their best. People change their engine's oil and rotate their tires regularly, so we encourage that you do the same when it comes to routinely maintaining your vehicle's headlights.

    Clean your headlights by giving the covers a quick scrub whenever you're washing your car. Dirt and other debris could block the light coming from your bulbs and lower their brightness.

    Check your headlights if there's any condensation that has built up inside. Just like dust, condensation can hamper your headlight's performance. You'll have to disassemble the headlight assembly to get rid of the spot. Alternatively, you could use a hair dryer to heat up the glass a bit to evaporate the water vapor trapped underneath.

    Over time, your headlights could also get knocked out of place when you run over a pothole or bump in the road. Check that your headlights are straight or have a mechanic align them if you need help.

    If your headlights appear to be foggy or yellow, then you might need to clean them using a headlight restoration kit. Over time, headlight lens could become cloudy, which results in weaker beam.

    When replacing headlights, make sure that you replace in pairs. You may encounter a situation where one of your headlights is weaker than the other if you don't replace them at the same time.

    Most headlights should last for about two years of normal use before you need to replace them. Along the way, you could keep your Mazda Protege headlights working properly by simply cleaning them every now and then. You could even time it along when you're scheduled for a car wash. Well maintained headlights would also assure you a safe trip at night, making them far more reliable in the long run.