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Mazda Protege Sway Bar Link

Causes of Your Mazda Protege Sway Bar Link Failure

A sway bar link is an essential component that connects the end of the sway bar to your automobile's suspension. Once the sway bar link gets damaged, it can be expected that your car's handling would be seriously affected. This is because the sway bar functions to reduce the amount of body roll that your vehicle goes through during cornering or quick maneuvering. So when one of its components such as the sway bar link fails, the sway bar becomes incapable of doing its job. Here are the common signs of a broken Mazda Protege sway bar link and what you can do about them:


A broken sway bar link is indicated by unusual noises, which are usually characterized by clicking or rattling sounds. The sway bar is no longer properly attached to the suspension, so it tends to hit your car when you drive around corners or go over road bumps. You need to replace the sway bar link before it causes an accident when you turn at high speed. You might want to look closer into the bushing on the end link as well. See if it is damaged or missing.

Broken or cracked

Verify a suspected broken sway bar link by visually inspecting it. Identifying the problem is actually pretty easy. Simply examine if the sway bar is properly connected to one end of the link or the sway bar link itself is attached to the suspension. If not, look for cracks that might have led to the sway bar link being broken. Sometimes, you may also find the link to be broken in two.

Check the bushings, washers, and nuts-these components are the ones actually holding the sway bar link to the suspension and to the sway bar. If they are missing or damaged, your sway bar link fails and needs to be replaced immediately. When changing the nuts and securing them in place, it is advisable to use a socket wrench for the larger nut and a regular wrench for the smaller nut. Make sure to use the correct tools to prevent the nuts from getting stripped or damaged.

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  • Keeping Your Mazda Protege Sway Bar Link in Good Condition

    A sway bar link is not something you can just ignore or put off replacing once it gets damaged. It holds a vital function, which is to connect the sway bar to a vehicle's suspension. A sway bar is a component that lessens the occurrence of body roll or leaning during cornering. These parts are basically responsible for the comfort you feel while driving your Mazda Protege. However, your sway bar is susceptible to malfunction. And when it starts to fail, it is most likely due to a damaged sway bar link. But don't wait for the worst to come. Follow these tips to ensure your Mazda Protege sway bar link is in good condition:

    Visually inspect the link.

    The first thing that you need to check is if the sway bar link is still properly attached to the end of the sway bar and to the control arm or the axle housing. Make sure that it is not broken and there are no cracks on its surface. Check the sway bar if it has become loose even for a little bit. Also, examine the bushings if they are already worn out. Replace them if they are torn, missing, or damaged in any way. More often than not, repair is no longer possible.

    Listen closely for noises.

    When driving your car, listen carefully for unusual noises such as rattling or clunking. These sounds may be indicative of a loose sway bar that knocks against your vehicle while you're driving especially around corners.

    Install reinforcements.

    There are reinforcement kits that you can purchase to strengthen the mounting brackets of your sway bar links. These brackets are highly prone to cracking, deterioration, and failure due to intense or improper driving habits.

    Change in pairs.

    Oftentimes, it is best to simply replace your sway bar link if it is broken to ensure that it would really be in good condition for a long time. And since Mazda Protege is equipped with two sway bar links, it is recommended that you change them in pairs. Just take the bolts out, so you can remove the links. When you're screwing them back in place, make sure that they are properly aligned. Also, be careful with the brakes during the sway bar link replacement. Make sure you don't damage them and no lubricating oil gets on the brake components.