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Mazda RX8 Splash Shield

Common Problems Encountered With the Mazda Rx-8 Splash Shield

The splash shield in your Mazda RX-8 is what saves you money and a trip to the car wash. As simple and plain as they may seem, these components play an important role in keeping parts of your vehicle safe from harsh weather conditions and road debris that may cause serious damage on your car. Not to mention the damage it will do on your wallet when these problems get worse and your car ends up in an auto repair shop. Your splash shields or mud flaps are placed in your vehicle's wheel to protect your car from the splash of water, mud, snow, and rocks on the road. Aside from keeping your fenders clean, it also helps preserve the paint in that part of your vehicle. Unfortunately, your car's splash shield may fail when it gets worn out over time. Here are a few signs that your splash shields are starting to go bad.

Torn splash shield

Getting your Mazda RX-8 worn out and damaged cannot be avoided. This part of your car is located near the wheels and close to the road. It is also part of its job to catch dirt, mud, pebbles, rocks, and other elements that are definitely damaging. Aside from the road debris, minor accidents can also cause your splash shield to break. When you're pulling out of a street parking, the splash shield can get stuck in the crease of the curb and tear apart when it is pulled away by force as you drive the car.

Missing splash shield clip or mount

Too much wear can cause the clips that mount your splash shield to the car become loose and eventually fall off. When the clips of your splash shield do missing, there would be nothing to hold it in place and it will end up hanging loosely in your wheels, not doing its job.

Dirt and mud splash on the windows

If you notice that your vehicle is still looking dirty considering you have recently installed a new splash shield, then there could be a problem with the installation of the splash shields. If the shields are not installed properly, it won't be able to cover up the parts of your car that need cover the most. As a result, dirt will be splashed in placed where they are not supposed to splash on-your windows.

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  • How to Keep Your Mazda RX-8 Splash Shield In Top Condition

    They may look like ordinary accessories that your can do without but splash shields or mud flaps are proved to be essential parts of a vehicle. These shields are installed to your vehicle's wheel to prevent the splash of water, mud, snow, and rocks on the road from messing up and potentially damaging your car. With the help of your Mazda RX-8 splash shield, you can skip a car wash or two because it keeps your fenders clean. It also helps preserve you paint by protecting the area from dents and dings. Because your vehicle's splash shield does a dirty job for your car, it is important that you keep it in good condition at all times. Here are a few tips in how to prolong the life of your Mazda RX-8 splash shield.

    Position the splash shield correctly.

    Make sure that your car's splash shields are position correctly so they can perform properly. Also make it a point to make the decorative side is face outward. It is also important for you to take note of the splash shields' appropriate distance from the ground. It should not be too high because it won't be able to completely shield your fenders from dirt. It should also not be positioned too low as it might touch the ground and wear out faster.

    Repair your damaged splash shield.

    Repair your Mazda RX-8's torn or broken splash shield by yourself. All you need is a drill, a drill bit, some safety wire, and a pair of needle nose pliers. Simply drill holes on the splash shield where the crack is located including the crack's end to stop it from getting worse. Once you have drilled holes on your splash shield, you can sew the broken pieces together by looping the safety wire through the holes and tighten the knots by using the needle nose pliers.

    Clean your splash shield regularly.

    Your car's splash shields encounter the dirtiest elements on the road every day. Make sure that they are always clean after a certain amount of use to prevent the formation of dirt build-up. Aside from being unpleasant to look at, splash shields splattered with dirt might start developing a damage you can't see because it's being covered up by the mud, dust, and other road debris.