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Mazda Tribute Catalytic Converter

Common Causes of Mazda Tribute Catalytic Converter Problems

Catalytic converters are responsible for converting the toxic fumes of the Mazda Tribute and making them a lot less toxic. This leads to much cleaner air in the environment and, more importantly, it allows your vehicle to pass local emission tests. The catcons need only minimal maintenance and will last a long while, but that doesn't mean that they won't run into problems. A number of things can go wrong with a catalytic converter. Here, we take a look at some of these problems and their causes.

A rattling sound

This problem is much more pronounced when the engine is idling. You may not hear it with the doors closed and the windows up, but you may feel some weird vibrations on the floor of your vehicle if you pay careful attention to it. That rattling you hear underneath is the sound of your catcon banging against the underside of your Mazda. This is happens when the brackets, screws, bolts or fasteners securing the catcon come loose. This problem is relatively easily to fix; just tighten or replace all the necessary components. In some instances, you may have to weld the converter into place.

A very loud engine sound when stepping on the accelerator of your Mazda

This problem is usually accompanied by a decrease in engine power and fuel efficiency. A loud sound, especially one from underneath your vehicle could signal that your catcon has some sort of hole in it. This could be caused by debris that has ripped a portion of it open or weld spots that have become separated. In either case, the problem can be fixed through some welding. For more significant damage, installing a new catcon is the only solution.

A drop in fuel efficiency and engine power, difficulty starting, and failing an emission test

These are the most common problems associated with a catalytic converter, problems that seem to crop up at the same time. These can be caused by a number of different things. For older Mazdas, this happens when the catcon is clogged or worn out. Sometimes, leaks from inside the engine allow oil or coolant to enter the exhaust system until it finally reaches the catcon and ruins it. Other times, damage to the catcon is the culprit for these types of malfunctions. In most cases, there is nothing else to do but replace the automobile component.

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