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Mazda Truck Tailgate Handle

It has become a tradition in every corner of the country that the vehicle, especially the rear becomes the center of the gathering and party. It is often referred to as tail gate parties where in everybody gathers around the vehicle enjoying the side countries in the middle of nowhere. The passion for road trips and overnight gathering on certain favorite destinations have brought Americans to prefer big vehicles like trucks, station wagons, and now SUVs instead of sedans and coupes.

Tailgate is a kind of door or hinged-board that is located at the rear end of big vehicles such as pickup trucks, sports utility vehicles, and station wagons. This door allows easy access to the truck bed. Some vehicles feature a tailgate which folds straight down. This is to allow cargo to easily load and unload to and from the vehicle. But most tailgates are folded flat for additional cargo space. Other tailgates are folded sideways which look like other doors of the vehicle.

However, tailgates are different from lift gate which could also be seen at the rear of the vehicle. The lift gate is raised to allow the entry and exit of loads in the cargo area. The tail gate is lowered down.

But no matter how functional a tail gate may seem, the tailgate alone would not do the job. Like any other door in the vehicle, it also uses door handle for it to be able to open and close. Tailgate door handle comes in two types: the center tailgate door handle and the side door handles.

For Mazda pickups, older models use side tailgate door handle while newer models use the center tailgate door handles. They are made durable to withstand the test of time as well as everyday punishments. With its extra durable plastic construction, Madza tailgate handles are strong and specially designed to bring the best service it could give. Other Mazda truck accessories best serve the Mazda pickup trucks are bed liners, flow through tailgate and ramps, bed mats, bed rails, billet grille, hitch step, bed caps, tread plate cover, and step bumpers among others. All are made to keep Mazda truck look beautiful and functional.

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