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The multi rib belt is an essential part of your car and if it fails on the road, the results could be catastrophic. As you know, the belt allows parts such as the alternator, air-conditioning system, power steering and water pump to work. If it snaps while you're driving, the engine itself could sustain huge damage that might even make it irreparable. For this reason, it's best to replace your existing belt before it completely gives way. Using an MBL Multi Rib Belt is a wise investment that will not only protect your vehicle from severe damage, but also improve your vehicle's operation.

So how do you know if your accessory drive belt is failing? The best way to know is through visual inspection. If you haven't changed the belt since you got your vehicle, then chances are, it would show unmistakable signs of wear and tear. For instance, look for glazed or shiny spots on each side of the belt. These usually indicate that the belt rubs on another object, such as a bolt or flange. Look for cracks, too, which are sure signs that the belt is suffering from advanced age. If you see chunks of the belt missing, that means you should hurry and replace the belt immediately 'cause it will snap any time. Good thing you can always replace it with a high-quality MBL Accessory Drive Belt.

As a DIYer, you must also know that the balance shaft belt is critical to the proper operation of your vehicle. The belt turns the balance shaft, which reduces motor vibration. The belt is connected to the crank shaft, the balance shaft and a wheel that applies tension on the belt. If your factory belt is clearly damaged, replace it right away with an MBL Balance Shaft Belt. This belt, as well as the other belts mentioned above, are made of highly durable materials, so they will last a very long time.