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The heater valve is absolutely essential to your vehicle's cooling and climate control systems. Over time however, the valve sustains a lot of damage that renders it useless. If you're having some problems with your old valve, it's probably time to replace it with a new one. Of course, you want your next valve to last a very long time, hopefully for the rest of your vehicle's service life, so you have to invest in a really durable replacement valve, like the Mecano Bundy Heater Valve.

A bad heater valve has plenty of symptoms. If you spot a leak, then chances are, the valve is busted and it's leaking coolant that's necessary to cool your car. Another common symptom is that the vents only blow warm air even when you set the controls to maximum cold. This can happen on either the driver or passenger-side vent or both. Operation may be intermittent or the vents may not even work at all, which indicates the valve has completely ceased to work. Not to worry though if you're experiencing these symptoms because installing a new heater valve by Mecano Bundy will get rid of them all instantly.

There are many possible reasons why a heater valve would fail. As mentioned, water or coolant leakage is a fairly common cause. Coolant may leak onto the valve's electrical connections, resulting in an internal short circuit. Like all other automotive components, the valve also wears out over time due to age and constant vibration. For this reason, it's important to visually inspect your existing valve. If it's covered in corrosion, it may be contaminating the coolant and hurting the overall performance of your car. Fortunately, you can always replace it with a high-quality heater valve from Mecano Bundy to restore your vehicle's cooling and climate control systems.