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Available in different scents - fruity, flora, organic and exquisite

Has different formats to please both adults and kids

Medo Air Freshener frees your car of odors

Let your senses run wild with Medo automotive air fresheners

No one likes a rolling coffin. If your car smells like some small creature died in it, then it's either you've got a serious infestation problem or you've got very smelly feet. Rolling down the windows won't remove odors. Neither will spending a hundred bucks at the local detailing shop. The fact is that odors, once they get into fabric, will stick with you forever. The only way to overcome them is to overpower them, with this - the Medo Air Freshener. Choose a scent and design which captures your hidden desires and fantasies. It's available in different fragrances - fruit, floral, organic or exquisite. Make your car smell like your mom's garden, or your dad's lawn. If you're single and hunting for a partner, then you should be sporting macho or sexy scents. Beat the human pheromone in the game of love. If James Bond were alive, the first weapon you'll find in his car would be the Medo Air Freshener. Bond girls won't be able to resist it. Even the wife or husband will get excited. If you're already blessed with a family, there are scents which are sure to please your kids as well, available in the forms of Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, Tweety and Taz. These are sure to fire up your kids' wild imaginations. Don't be ashamed if you're a fan yourself. It's okay to act like a little kid once in a while. Let your senses and emotions run wild with the Medo Air Freshener.