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Mercedes Benz 300SE Window Regulator

How to Diagnose Your Mercedes Benz 300SE Window Regulator Problems

One of the hardest problems to deal with when you have a failing window regulator is that you won't be able to pass an inspection. Based on Mercedes Benz 300SE recall reports, window regulator failure for this model is fairly common. There are owners who claim that the passenger side window regulator fails first, followed by the driver's side and the rear window regulators. If you don't take care of these problems the first time you recognize it's slipping, you might find yourself in a more difficult position later on. Here are a few tips on how to diagnose your window regulator's common problems:

Window getting stuck halfway

A window that gets stuck halfway or does not fully open or close might not automatically have a defective regulator. Instead, there might be a problem with the regulator itself being stuck. Check if it is well-lubricated. Troubleshooting this kind of problem will require you to take the door panel off. Although this is a job that requires time and effort, it must be done to allow you to inspect the amount of damage done to the regulator. Lubricate the regulator's brackets with some lithium grease or WD-40 and see if this solves the problem.

Window moving slowly when the switch is pressed

Once again, the door panel needs to be removed for you to be able to see inside it. Look for the window regulator and this time, check if the brackets are filled with dirt. Even if the regulator is well-lubricated, dirt and grime can limit its motion, which can cause the window to move very slowly even when you press and hold the switch down. Simply cleaning it and putting everything back together can solve the problem.

Windows not opening at all

If one of the windows won't open at all, check if the fuse is blown. It is sized just enough to be able to open all four windows at the same time. If you push the switch and the motor produces a whirring sound, it could mean that the regulator is bad. However, if the motor doesn't even make a sound at all and the window doesn't move, the fuse might be blown. Old age can pop a fuse, so check if it has given up on you.

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  • Keeping Your Mercedes Benz 300SE Window Regulator in Top Shape

    If you want long drives to be convenient for you, you'll need to have power windows, which can be very useful in case of changing weather. When it's hot outside, you can close your car window and turn on the air conditioning. Open it by pressing a button when the air is just right. You must always be aware of how your Mercedes Benz 300SE window regulator is doing, as a failing window regulator is always bad news. If you need to know how to take good care of your window regulator, this guide is perfect for you.

    Keep the interior components of your power window system clean.

    Because the regulator is a mechanical component, it is affected by the other components of a power window system. If the motor has so much dirt and grime that affect its performance, the regulator might become damaged, too. The regulator's parts might break because of the extra effort it has to exert to try to raise or lower a window, rendering it useless. Clean it with a blower to get rid of dust, or use a clean rag and some contact cleaner to rid it of sticky grime.

    Lubricate the regulator properly.

    This requires you to remove the door panel to be able to access the regulator behind it. Lubricate its metal runners with Teflon spray or WD-40 so that the windows slide easily against them. Apply lubricant to all the other moving parts as well.

    Listen to sounds made by your window regulator.

    You might ignore a grinding sound that starts to develop in the regulator area, but you really should pay attention to it. Being sensitive to the sound made by your regulator is a great preventive maintenance idea-the earlier you find out what is causing the noise, the better. You might have tried opening a window when it was frozen closed before, and the regulator might have been damaged because of this.

    Clean the windows themselves.

    Keeping your windows clean also prevents dirt from entering your regulator. Don't stop with just closing all your windows and washing them with soap and water. After washing, you should also take the extra effort to roll down your window enough to clean the top edge with a dry cloth.