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Mercedes Benz 560SEL Headlight Assembly

Troubleshooting Mercedes Benz 560sel Headlight Assembly Problems

Mercedes Benz is known for producing sophisticated and stylish vehicles, and to maintain its reputation, its automobiles are made with some of the most state-of-the-art components in the market. Even the headlight assemblies of models like the Mercedes Benz 560sel are highly durable and efficient. These assemblies are available with a wiper system that washes of dirt and dead bugs from the light lens, keeping it beaming brightly. Made with durable materials, these lights are bound to provide outstanding and long-lasting road visibility. However, these components aren't immune to some common headlight problems. Be sure to watch out for these lighting malfunctions to ensure you can attend to them ASAP.


Several factors may contribute to headlight flickering. One factor may be that you have a loose or dying light bulb. If the bulb is loose, then simply remove the headlight casing and securely fasten the bulb. If the bulb is about to die out on you, then it's time to replace it. If your headlight still flickers after bulb adjustment, then you might need to check your headlight wiring. If the wires of your headlights come loose or become damaged then you may have to refasten them or have them replaced as well.

Condensation and fogging

Often times, water and fog can build up within your Benz's headlight assembly. This problem usually happens when a headlight is cracked. When fog and/or moisture build up in the lighting assembly, its beam is seriously impeded. One of the best solutions for this problem to to have the entire Mercedes Benz 560sel headlight assembly replaced.


Dimming is often caused by electrical system failure. When driving at night with many components on-like your headlights, radio, and power windows-your headlights might suddenly become dimmer. This happens when you have a weak battery or a faulty alternator. In this case, you must have your substandard battery and/or alternator replaced immediately in order to optimize your headlight's performance.

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Mercedes Benz 560SEL Headlight Assembly Available Years

  • Maintaining your Mercedes Benz 560sel Headlight Assembly

    Headlight maintenance is a must if you hope to keep safe on the road 24/7. After all, your headlights are bound to eventually give in to old age, so why hasten the process by neglecting to properly maintain them? So here are some tips on how to prolong the life and service of your headlights for brighten and safer roadways.

    • Check lenses.
    • It's important that you check your lenses for cracks that would let moisture enter your headlight assemblies, which would cause fogging and premature damage. Cracked or not, you must still check your lenses for condensation or yellowing, which are bound to happen after a lengthy period of time. Condensation and yellowing could hamper the beam and effectiveness of your headlights, making your cruise from A to B a lot less safe.
    • Check headlight focus.
    • Driving on rough roads and bouncing off of potholes are bound to get your headlights misaligned. And when your headlights are not at a proper angle, then they can create a blind spot, impeding the ability of other drivers to see you. In addition to that, if the headlights are focused too high, then they could cause glare to drivers in on-coming traffic, which could put you at risk as well. So make sure your headlights are properly angled. Consult a mechanic if necessary.
    • Observe brightness.
    • You don't need to cut time from your busy schedule to do this; all you need to do is be observant and see if your lights flicker or dim. If they do, then there's something wrong with your Mercedes Benz 560sel headlight assembly. You may want to replace the bulbs or have the entire assembly replaced. A yellow light beam can also be another indication of headlight damage.
    • Keep lights clean.
    • They say that cleanliness is next to godliness, and living by this saying when it comes to your headlights could very well save your life. Be sure to regularly wash your headlights when washing your vehicle. Keep dust and dirt off your headlight lens because these could impede light projection onto the road and even cause glare.