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Mercedes Benz C230 Water Pump

Know What's Up with the Mercedes Benz C230 Water Pump

If your car starts to overheat, then you'd better check up on the Mercedes Benz C230 water pump. Otherwise, it can pose even more serious issues and entail you to replace the part; it's quite expensive if you buy a new one. So, it would be a great idea if you troubleshoot the problem and pay for much more affordable repair fees. Here are some tips to help you diagnose a bad water pump.

Loose cooling fan

Locate the cooling fan on your engine and shake it up and down. If you see that the bearings are used, then you'll definitely have to replace the water pump. A loose bearing is also one of the factors why the engine creates unusual and incessant noises.


If there's a leak in the water pump, then it's a sure problem. Place a mirror under the water pump to inspect if there is a hole that's causing the leak. It's normal if you notice a few drops; but, if you discover that there's a great loss, then that's an issue. If you find out that the weep hole is soaked with coolant, then you'll surely have to get a new Mercedes Benz C230 water pump.

Another reason why the water pump leaks is because of a worn gasket. Inspect the water pump if you see any damaged ones. If the pressure also significantly drops, then the leak could be worse. This can be caused by a shabby gasket and you'll have to replace it with a new one.

Low coolant level

While the engine is off, open the compartment and inspect the level of the overflow reservoir and the engine coolant. These should indicate that they're full. If not, it means that you have to fill it up again. Remember to let the engine cool down before opening the radiator.

Wiggling water pump pulley

Grab the water pump pulley and shake it. If it moves, then it means that the bearing is broken and you'll need to have the water pump replaced. You also have to see to it that the belt is on the water pump pulley to avoid any issues.

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  • Tips to Keep the Mercedes Benz C230 Water Pump in Excellent Condition

    The Mercedes Benz C230 water pump, just like any other, can last for a long time. It's only when the timing belt is overused that the pump should be further inspected if it already needs to be replaced as well. But, sooner or later, you can't stop the water pump from getting damaged due to aging. To keep the pump and your vehicle in excellent condition, here are some tips that you can follow.

    Avoid driving your car with a busted water pump.

    If your water pump has gone bad, it's best not to drive your car. You'd better have it replaced before you even think about taking it out for a trip. This way, you can avoid blowing up the head gaskets, which are very expensive. You might also end up melting the radiator because the aluminum content would be exposed to hotter than normal temperatures.

    Adjust the thermostat along with the water pump.

    If you're going to change the thermostat, it's best if you do it along with the water pump to get optimum results. In fact, most thermostats fail alongside with the pump because they suffer from severe temperatures. So, it's a good idea to change both the thermostat and pump together.

    Dispose the coolant water properly.

    When you get rid of the water in the water pump, don't wash it down the drain. The water in the cooling system is mixed with antifreeze, which is harmful if not disposed properly. Check with your community on how you should properly dispose antifreeze-contaminated water. This way, you'll be able to keep the environment safe and properly change the water in the pump.

    Test drive the car for at least 30 minutes.

    After you have repaired the damage in the water pump, don't take the car out immediately for a spin. First, test drive it for at least 30 minutes to check if it won't overheat anymore. If it doesn't, then it's an indication that you have a done a great job at repairing the Mercedes Benz C230 water pump and you're ready to take your vehicle on a trip.