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Mercedes Benz C230 Window Regulator

How to Diagnose Issues with the Mercedes Benz C230 Window Regulator

You're driving down the highway and you suddenly want to turn off your air conditioning and enjoy the nice warm breeze. You reach for your power window switch, expecting wind to enter your cabin. It does not, and you flip the switch over and over without a response. Your Mercedes Benz C230 window regulator might have failed, causing your window to freeze in the last position it is in. Listed below are some of the most common problems with window regulators and how to properly diagnose what's causing them.

Presence of motor noises

The first step to take when diagnosing a problem with car windows failing to roll up or down is to determine whether the problem is mechanical or electrical. If you press the power window switch and don't hear any motor sounds, the problem might be electrical-it may be a broken switch, a blown fuse, or a busted motor. However, if you hear motor noises but the window does not roll up or down, it might be a problem with the window regulator.

Check if the drive rollers are broken. They usually are the culprit behind failing window regulators. Fortunately, they are less expensive than the window motor to replace.

Slow window movement

Most power windows have a cable or plastic strap that makes the glass roll up and down. Constant pressure applied to the cable or strap can eventually cause it to weaken or even break. Check for dirt accumulated in the regulator and the tracks. This will require you to use more force when rolling the window up or down. Note that the driver's side window is the most used window in a car, so its regulator is almost always the first one to break.

Window that does not go all the way up

When the window stops at a certain position, it might be time to remove the door panel and check if the window regulator has gone off-kilter. Check if all the gears are set properly in place and if they are clear of any dirt or other substances. Inspect the regulator itself. Make sure that it is attached properly to the door shell with rivets.

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  • Caring for Your Mercedes Benz C230 Window Regulator

    A broken window regulator is inevitable; and it's not a matter of how it happens, it's just a matter of when. Window regulators are one of the most common auto parts to break. For a Mercedes-Benz owner, this is quite alarming, because no matter how luxurious the car is, no one wants to be stuck in a car with a broken window. Fortunately, there are some preventive maintenance procedures that you can do to prolong your Mercedes-Benz C230 window regulator service life.

    Visual inspection

    It is good to check the condition of your window regulator even before the symptoms strike. You don't necessarily have to wait for your windows to jam before looking behind the door panels. Normally, when a window regulator malfunctions, it's either because it is physically damaged or one of its components have stopped working. You can check this before going on a long trip. Watch for dents on the window regulator frame. You can also check if window motor, which powers the window regulator, is operating. Verify if the window regulator's cable and the pivot points are working properly. The pivot points should be firm and the cables should be stable.


    Just like any part of the vehicle, your Mercedes-Benz C230 window regulator needs regular cleaning. Overtime, dust and debris reaches the window regulator and prevents it from performing its function properly. Remove dry and dirty grease and oil with a small brush and carburetor cleaner. After cleaning, use a clean rag to wipe it dry.


    After cleaning, replace the dirty oil with white lithium grease, by spraying it with a directional nozzle spray or manually applying it using a 1/4-inch paint brush. Make sure you lubricate all metal moving parts including window regulator's pivot points and levers, joints and gears. To make sure everything is well-lubricated, roll the window up and down several times.

    Replace when needed

    No matter how religiously you take care of your Mercedes-Benz C230 window regulator, you must accept that it will eventually break. You only need to replace your window regulator if any part of the regulator seems off, i.e. the cables or levers slipping and the pivots seem loose. In addition, the window regulator can also break when something jams the window and you try to force it to roll up or down. Obviously, when this happens, you will have to buy a new window regulator.