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Mercedes Benz C280 Turn Signal Lens

What to Do with Damaged Mercedes Benz C280 Turn Signal Lens

If there's one underrated car accessory out there, it must be automotive lighting lenses. The lenses are constantly exposed to different environmental conditions that make them as vulnerable as the fragile bulbs they cover. Rock chips, mud splashes, and heat weaken the lenses, making them susceptible to cracking and corroding. Your Mercedes Benz C280 turn signal lens goes through as much pressure as the other automotive lighting lenses do. Because of that, its quality wears off over time. Here are some issues that you might encounter:

Cloudy lenses

Turn signal lenses become dirty after a while. Dirt accumulates on the surface, making your blinkers less intense. Dirty and cloudy lenses diffuse the light from the bulbs, and this reduces your turn signal's efficiency. You can restore the clarity of your blinker lenses by cleaning them regularly. Water and mild automotive detergent usually work well in removing the dirt buildup on the lenses. For stubborn, caked-on dirt, you can use a scrubbing pad or a soft-bristled brush to scour the lenses. Baking soda mixed with some water is also a great dirt and stain remover.


Scratches on turn signal lenses are inevitable especially if you take your car out for a daily drive. Fortunately, they are rather easy to spot and to remedy. A quick look on the surface of the lenses will show you how much damage you need to work on. If the scratches aren't too large or too deep, you can easily buff them out. Fine-grit sandpaper works great in smoothing out the surface of the lenses. Washing and sanding the lenses, followed by a good polishing, help in lessening the appearance of the scratches.

Broken lenses

Driving with broken turn signal lenses could get you into trouble with traffic enforcers and other motorists. Broken lenses expose the bulbs inside the assembly, making them prone to failing out. You can put red lens repair tape to seal out the cracked portions on the lenses. The tape is translucent, so the light from the bulbs will still be able to shine through it. However, you might need a lens replacement if the damage is too big.

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  • Quick Fixes for Mercedes Benz C280 Turn Signal Lens Problems

    Your Mercedes Benz C280 turn signal lens is one durable piece of cover that protects your blinker's bulb from damage. Because of that, however, the lens is that one that becomes disposed to early wear. A cracked, scratched, and punctured turn signal lens is of no use when driving. It might hold on the turn signal assembly for a while, but it's bound to give away eventually. Here are some ways to keeping your Mercedes Benz C280 turn signal lens in good condition:

    Don't forget to clean the lenses while washing your car.

    Automotive lighting lenses are the most frequently neglected piece of car accessory. Since the lenses are constantly exposed to dirt and debris, it makes sense for you to clean them as well. Water and automotive cleaner (or mild detergent) work just fine, but you can also use a vinegar and water solution if you don't want to use a commercial cleaning product. For hard-to-remove dirt buildup, use fine-grit sandpaper in scraping out the dirt. If there are scratches on the lenses, use a rotary buffer to smoothen out the surface of the lenses.

    Apply wax on the lenses regularly to prevent oxidation.

    All automotive light lenses have a protective UV coating that prevents the lenses from oxidizing and degradation. Rock chips and other sharp objects on the road could scratch the coating, leaving the lenses exposed to oxidation, the white or yellow buildup on the lenses' surface. To prevent oxidation from forming, apply automotive wax after every cleaning to seal the UV coating and prevent it from damage.

    Fix cracks on the lenses before they become bigger.

    Small cracks on the turn signal lenses may not be obvious-but be wary-those tiny chinks could turn into one big mess if you leave them unfixed. To prevent the fissures from turning into huge gaps on the lenses, cover them with a lens repair tape. The tape is available in all auto parts store and can hold together the lenses quite nicely. Since the tape is translucent, you don't have to worry about obscuring the light from your blinkers.