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Mercedes Benz E320 Air Mass Meter

Signs of a Mercedes Benz E320 Air Mass Meter Going Bad

The air mass meter is an important component in your Mercedes' engine. It measures the amount of air that flows into the engine by cooling a wire that has been heated up. When the wire cools down, the computer reads the temperature change as a signal for airflow. This information, then, is used to generate the correct air-fuel ratio. Being a critical part of engine performance, it is important to know the signs that indicate a failing Mercedes Benz E320 air mass meter. Most cases of air mass meter failure will need replacement, but in some cases, they are still cleanable.

Check engine light

An air mass meter's malfunction is not the only reason why the check engine light or CEL turns on, that's why it is important to do a computer analysis to see if the malfunction is coming from the air mass meter. You have two options for this: you can take it to an auto mechanic to get the car's computer analyzed, or you can do it yourself using a digital auto diagnostics scanner. If you decide to do it yourself and use a diagnostics scanner, check the readout according to the codes found in the reference book that comes with the scanner. If the scanner codes indicate a failed air mass meter, check if it still can be cleaned or repaired or if you need to replace it already.

Particle buildup

Although the air mass meter is equipped with a panel filter to prevent the entry of particles, tiny ones still manage to get through and accumulate by the sensor or somewhere else inside the meter. Severe buildup can lead to inaccurate airflow readings, which may lead to engine malfunction. The air mass meter is quite accessible with an open hood, so you can check if it is already too dirty with many particles on the inside of the intake tube. And if you take off the bolts and wiring harness, you can manage to open it and expose the sensor-essentially, the wires. If after effectively cleaning the wires up with a MAF cleaner, thoroughly drying the air mass meter, and carefully reinstalling it, the car's engine performance becomes normal, there is no need to get a new one yet.

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  • How to Care for Your Mercedes Benz E320 Air Mass Meter

    An air mass meter, also known as mass airflow sensor, is a device that is connected to the air intake of a vehicle and is used to measure the amount of air that flows into a vehicle's engine. This information is essential in determining the right amount of fuel to be sent to the engine. It is a crucial part in the correct combustion process of the fuel injected Mercedes E320. Your car's fuel consumption highly depends on its reading. After much use, though, your Mercedes Benz E320 air mass meter is bound to wear out. But you can actually prolong its useful life a bit more by following these simple tips:

    • Clean the air mass meter.
    • As air passes through the air mass meter, the particles that come with it are filtered off by the panel filter. But there are some tiny particles that are able to get through the filter and they can accumulate on the sensor. You can clean it up by using a bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol and a Zip Lock bag. Take the air mass meter off of the air intake and place inside the Zip Lock bag, and then fill it with alcohol. Wobble the bag around, making sure the alcohol gets to all parts of the air mass meter. To make sure all the dirt and debris are swept away, you may opt to leave the air mass meter in the bag for about 20 minutes. After this, have it completely dry before installing it back.You can also choose to open the air mass meter, taking off the bolts to expose the sensors. The bare wires should be free from any particle buildup. You can clean them by spraying MAF cleaner or electrical contact cleaner, and leave it to dry completely before reinstallation.
    • Avoid getting the air mass meter wet.
    • When you clean the engine compartment of your Mercedes Benz E320, make sure you don't get any water or degreaser in or around the air mass meter. This is important because it might suck in the moisture, and as the air mass meter is quite sensitive, the moisture will destroy it. What's more, the moisture can create damage to the engine. So, when cleaning the engine compartment, make sure the air mass meter is securely covered from all kinds of moisture.