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Mercedes Benz E500 Exhaust Tip

Mercedes Benz E500 Exhaust Tip Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes, it is the small things that make a huge difference in a car, such as keeping the Mercedes Benz E500 exhaust tip clean and well maintained. It probably is one of the most ignored parts of the vehicle, but it certainly is one that helps the vehicle to look great. Here are some troubleshooting tips that help keep the exhaust tip look great for the years to come:

Vibrating noise in the exhaust tip

Noise is often caused by a loose part in the exhaust tip so any sound coming out of the exhaust that is not characterized by a vibrating metal could be another problem. To eliminate all the possible sources of noise, turn the engine on and drive around the vehicle for a few minutes until it reaches its optimal operating temperature. Park your vehicle and keep the engine running. If the noise is coming from the pipes, catalytic converter, or muffler, there's no need to troubleshoot the exhaust tip. Otherwise, place a screwdriver on the surface of the exhaust tip. You'll know that something is loose if the tip vibrates causing the screwdriver to resonate.

Now, turn off the engine and look for the loose area in the exhaust tip. Do the necessary action once you have found the problem.

Rattling or whistling noise in the exhaust tip

Again, run the vehicle until it reaches its optimal operating temperature. While the engine is running, look for other causes of noise. Check the exhaust tip for chips, small holes, or dents. These cause the distinctive rattling or whistling noise. Repair the problem by either patching the damaged part of the exhaust tip or replacing the entire tip. If the noise is from other parts of the exhaust system, say the exhaust pipe, cat converter, or muffler, repair is more urgent. Make sure not to let the problem persist.

Carbon build-up around the exhaust tip

Carbon builds-up around the exhaust tip is normal. Removing it doesn't take a lot of effort. All you need are microfiber cloth, automotive degreaser, steel wool, chrome or aluminum or metal polish, and 10 minutes to restore the exhaust tip in its original shine.

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  • Mercedes Benz E500 Exhaust Tip Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

    The exhaust tip is oftentimes the most neglected part of the vehicle, probably because it sits too low to the ground that spending a little time cleaning it isn't worth bending down. But while this is the case, this small area is worth all the effort. Here are the tips to keep the exhaust tip clean and well-maintained:

    Cleaning Tips

    Wipe down the exhaust tip.

    Use a clean microfiber cloth and wipe down the surface of the tips as well as the inside to remove the initial carbon deposit.

    Spray the tip with automotive degreaser.

    Automotive degreaser can be bought online or at your local automotive store. It is designed to remove grease and grime buildup from chrome and metal surfaces. Dilute the degreaser (it is shipped as a concentrate) in a trigger spray bottle. Then spray it on the exhaust tip. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to allow the grease and grime to break down. With a microfiber towel, wipe down the surface of the exhaust tips. Use OOOO steel wood brush to clean the inside of the exhaust tip. You can remove all the dirt the first time, but repeat the process if necessary.

    Apply chrome, aluminum, or metal polish.

    The automotive degreaser will get the job done and most will stop at this step, but if you want to take cleaning to the next level, then polishing tip up, both in and out, will produce an optimum shine. With a clean microfiber towel, apply a chrome polish on the surface and inside the exhaust tip.

    Other maintenance tips

    Replace exhaust tips when necessary.

    Sometimes, restoration will not fix the problem. If that's the case, there are several exhaust tips that would replace the old one.

    Clean the exhaust tip regularly.

    Carbon buildup happens if you don't clean the exhaust tip as often as you clean your car. So make sure that you include the exhaust tip whenever you wash your vehicle. This simple practice will go a long way.

    Invest on cleaning materials

    Polish, degreaser, and microfiber towel are essential if you want to maintain a good looking car. Always have them in your garage.