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Mercedes Benz ML320 Headlight Molding

A Guide on Handling Problems with the Mercedes Benz Ml320 Headlight Molding

Most people would probably never know that there is a thing called a headlight molding; they'd probably know it as "that little black strip" or "that little metallic strip around the headlight." These moldings or trims still play a small role for a vehicle though. They help hold the headlights in place while preventing dust and dirt from entering the assembly. A number of problems affect the trims at some point, but fortunately, they are very simple to fix. Read on to learn how to solve these Mercedes Benz Ml320 headlight molding issues.

Loose headlight molding

If your headlight molding is secured by means of fastening clips, these clips may have come loose after some time. Try giving the headlight molding a little push to re-engage the fasteners. Hopefully, this will resecure the whole thing around the headlight. If that won't do the trick, take out the molding and inspect the fasteners for damage. If new fasteners can be installed, then replace all of them; if it isn't possible, then replace the headlight molding instead. If screws are used to secure the molding instead of fasteners, then retighten them as needed. If you are unable to retighten them, inspect both the screws and the screw threads for damage and corrosion. While damaged screws can easily be replaced, damaged threads, on the other hand, are very hard to fix; you may have to replace the headlight molding instead.

Rust on the molding

If your headlight molding is made of metal, it could form rust if it is unprotected or if its protective coating has come off. If there is only a small amount of rust, you can use sandpaper or a power sander to remove it. Be sure to remove all of the rust present; if you leave even just a tiny amount behind, this tiny amount could grow and spread around the headlight molding, giving you more rust problems to think about. After removing the rust, apply some protective coating on the molding or cover the whole thing with a good amount of paint. This should solve your rust problems. If the headlight molding is thoroughly corroded, your only recourse would be to replace it.

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  • Simple Maintenance Tips for your Mercedes Benz Ml320 Headlight Molding

    Headlight moldings can provide your vehicle with a subtle look of class. While they also keep the headlights in place and prevent any dirt from getting in, there's no denying that many want them for their looks. To maintain your vehicle's appearance, you should also take care of your Mercedes Benz Ml320 headlight moldings. Here are some tips on how you can do so:

    Make sure the headlight molding is rust-free and rust-proof.

    Most metal headlight moldings are treated with a protective coating to prevent rust from forming. After some time, these coatings will break down, exposing the metal underneath to moisture; rust formation usually follows shortly after. Once rust takes a hold of the molding, it will take a significant amount of effort to remove it. That's why you need to inspect the moldings occasionally to check the condition of the coating and to see if there is any rust around. If rust is present, you can use sand paper or an electric grinder to remove it from the molding. After that, cover the molding with rust-proof chemicals or some paint to protect them from the elements.

    Make sure that the headlight molding is always secure.

    The headlight molding may get a bit loose after a while. This is due to a number of different reasons like the fasteners breaking, screws being worn down, and threads on the molding being damaged. If you inspect your headlight moldings occasionally, you'll be able to know if they are coming loose anytime soon. Do what is necessary to fix the issue; replace the fasteners, repair the threads of the molding, or retighten any loose screws. If you drive any further without doing something, the moldings could fall off your vehicle anytime.

    Clean and polish the headlight molding once in a while.

    After some time, dust and dirt will begin to collect on the moldings. Shortly after, the moldings will slowly lose their color and luster, making them look ugly. You can clean off the dirt with a simple detergent solution and a rag. To bring back the shine of the molding, use the appropriate polish, depending on its material. You may even repaint it, if appropriate, to return it to its original color.