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Mercedes Benz ML350 Headlights

Common Issues with Mercedes Benz ML350 Headlights

Your Mercedes Benz ML350 is a tried and tested vehicle that's known for superb performance and smooth handling. But as some owners have noted, there are certain problems with its stock headlights. Some folks have reported that the beams are too weak at times, which can be a problem when you're driving at night or in heavy rain. Headlights, like all car parts, are susceptible to wear and tear so you'll need to replace them as soon as they wear out. Take note of some of the common problems with this vehicle's headlights so you can have them fixed right away.

One of the headlights isn't working

If one of your vehicle's headlights isn't working, then you have to rule out if the bulb is already burned out or if you simply have an electrical connection to deal with. Inspect the wires and connectors on the back of the headlight to see if anything is corroded or loose. You'd also want to use a multimeter to check if there are any other problems with the wires. If all the connections are good, then you'd need to inspect the headlight's bulb to see if it's burnt. Burnt bulbs should be replaced immediately. Most headlight bulbs last around five to six years of normal use, so if you're nearing that number, then you'd want to check on your headlights occasionally as they'll probably need to be replaced sometime soon.

Dim headlights

Most owners have reported that some Mercedes Benz ML350 Headlights appear to be quite dim. Although Mercedes hasn't issued a technical bulletin addressin this issue, a couple of possibilities can affect the brightness or dimness of the headlights. First, a bad alternator or a slipping drive belt could be affecting the power or current that's flowing into the headlights. Underpowered headlights will not operate at max brightness and could even get damaged over time. Check the alternator and drive belt and see if this solves the problem. On the other hand, dirty headlights, fogged up headlight covers, or even moisture inside the covers can affect the brightness as well. Simply cleaning it inside and out should solve the problem.

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  • Maintaining Your Mercedes Benz ML350 Headlights the Easy Way

    More traffic accidents occur at night time than during the day, so it's important that you keep your Mercedes Benz ML350 headlights in great shape all the time. It's not enough that your headlights are working properly, they should shine just as bright as when you first installed them in your car. You'd also want reliable headlights that won't simply die on you while you're out in the middle of the night. You also wouldn't want them to suddenly fail in the middle of a strong storm or bad weather. With proper maintenance, your headlights are sure to perform better and last longer.

    Cleaning your vehicle's headlights is by far the simplest thing that you could do when it comes to maintenance. Dirt, dust, and other debris could limit the brightness coming from your bulbs, so a quick scrub while you're washing your car should definitely get rid of any grime on top of the headlights.

    If you notice that the dirt is right under the headlight covers, then you'll need to disassemble them so you could wipe of the grime. Don't worry, it's quite simple and the effort is worth it.

    If the plastic casing around your headlights is turning yellow or getting cloudy, then you simply need to scrub it clean with a rag using a bit of dish soap, water, and a little bit of baking soda. Scrub at it hard until it becomes clear again.

    Overtime, your headlights might get misaligned due to the numerous bumps and potholes that you've gone over. Improperly positioned headlights could hamper your visibility, so have a mechanic align it properly ASAP.

    Most headlights would last for about two to three years of normal use. So once the headlights are starting to weaken, it's best to get them replaced at once. Make sure that you replace them in pairs. You don't want to replace them one by one as you risk driving with lights that could become dimmer on one side.

    Never drive your ML350 if you have worn out or broken headlights, especially at night. With proper care and maintenance, you can definitely make your headlight work like new and keep them working that way for a longer time.