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Mercedes Benz ML350 Shock Absorber

Common Shock Absorber Problems Your Mercedes Benz ML350 May Experience

You can always trust that the shock absorbers on your Mercedes Benz ML350 are manufactured to give you unparalleled driving experience. But overtime, these shocks give in to the everyday wear and tear and result to rusting and leaking. Should you experience driving discomfort every time you pass a speed bump or drive over an uneven road, start inspecting your shock absorbers and do some troubleshooting. Here are some of the usual shock absorber problems you need to know:

Hydraulic fluid leaks

Your shock absorbers are filled with hydraulic fluid that dampens the impact of the spring. But when the seals of the cylinder break, the fluid begins to leak and leave brown trails on the surface of the shocks. Don't let these leaks stay on the sides of the absorbers because these will attract dirt. When this happens, dirt will start to build up and cover every trail of leak. That's why it's best to wipe these immediately and opt to replace the leaky Mercedes Benz ML350 shock absorber and its pair.

Rough and bumpy ride

If your car suddenly bounces or wobbles every time you pass over speed bumps, rough terrain, or roads with varying heights, chances are the shock absorbers on your car are already worn out. This means that not much hydraulic fluid is left inside your car's shocks to dampen bumps and support the weight of your vehicle. And once the shock absorbers can no longer provide you smooth rides, it's best to replace these with new ones. Broken shocks should be immediately replaced to counter the vibrations and jolts your car experiences and to avoid further wear and tear.

Rusty shocks and bolts

When exposed to wet weather and salty roads, your car's shock absorbers and their bolts, which are made of metal, can rust. When this happens, the performance of the shocks may be affected and replacing them once they're worn out will be difficult. To avoid rust and dirt buildup on your shock absorbers, regularly clean them, especially when driven on wet areas. Don't forget to also apply anti-rust spray or solutions to keep the shocks and bolts rust free. Remember, rusty shocks and bolts won't show any significant symptoms so you need to check under your car on a regular basis.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Mercedes Benz ML350 Shock Absorbers in Top Form

    Although hidden under the car, the shock absorbers on your Mercedes Benz ML350 should be properly maintained to keep them from losing their top form and to prolong their lives. After all, these shocks will eventually age and suffer from dirt buildup, rust, and other wear and tear of driving. To make sure that your car's shock absorbers will continue to function well, follow these simple maintenance tips:

    • Keep the shocks clean
    • Dirt can build up on the sides of your shocks, especially after driving on rough roads. Worse, if your shock absorbers are leaking hydraulic fuel, dirt will stick on the oil and harden, making it more difficult to remove. That's why it's very important to wash your shocks using mild soap and water as soon as possible, but don't forget to wipe them dry right after washing. Also, if you see signs of leakage on either of the shocks, consult a mechanic first before replacing them as this can be a sign of a broken shock absorber.
    • Keep the shocks rust-free
    • If you frequent driving during the rainy season, chances are your shock absorbers will easily rust, especially if exposed to road salts. But besides your shocks, the bolts that keep them in place can also rust. Should this happen, you will have a hard time replacing your worn-out shock absorbers. Good thing that anti-rust spray and solutions are widely available in the market nowadays. Just regularly clean your shocks and apply the spray or solutions to keep your shock absorbers and bolts free of any rust. Keep in mind also that your shocks' performance may get affected should rust spread through the rod and other components of the suspension system.
    • Keep the shocks fresh
    • Of course, this doesn't mean that you don't have to use your shocks to keep them new. Instead, you should get fresh shocks every time your old ones begin to malfunction because keeping a worn-out Mercedes Benz ML350 shock absorber installed will only cause you extreme driving discomfort from bumpy rides to noisy shocks. Remember, it's always better to immediately address the problem rather than wait for a costly repair to maintain your car and its components in top condition.