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Mercedes Benz ML430 License Plate Bracket

Troubleshooting Your Mercedes Benz ML430 License Plate Bracket Problems

Every driver knows the importance of having a license plate, and keeping them installed in your vehicle. Whether your ride is as grand as the Mercedes Benz ML430 or as simple as an unbranded motorcycle, you should always ensure that your license plate is intact. It is like your vehicle's identification number that must be shown at all times. Thanks to the license plate bracket that keeps it in place. However, there are some instances wherein the bracket tends to break, making your license plate prone to falling off. Before you totally lose your plate, here are some tips on how to troubleshoot your Mercedes Benz ML430 license plate bracket problems:

Cracked or bent bracket

So you are about to ride your car when you noticed that your license plate bracket is bent. Well, maybe you can recall if you bump your front bumper into a wall or another vehicle. Since the bracket is in the forefront of your vehicle, it is inevitable that it will crack or break sometime soon. When this happens, it could put your license plate at risk of falling off or getting lost. A quick fix could be tapping the bended metal with a small mallet until it straightens out. But if hammering won't work, then you need to replace it immediately with a new one.

Clunking noise

You would know if your license plate bracket has loose or missing bolts if you hear a flapping sound coming from the front end of your car, especially when you drive over rough terrain or humps. Check your license plate bracket regularly and check if its bolts are still complete and in good condition. Worn-out and rusted bolts are prone to becoming loose since they are no longer in good shape. It is best to replace them immediately before your plate gets lost forever.

Unfit bracket

Some license plate brackets are universal-fit, but some are not. The size of the license plate sometimes depends on your state or country. So if your license plate doesn't seem to fit in your bracket, don't cut it. There will always be a bracket where your vehicle's plate will perfectly fit.

  • How to Take Care of Your Mercedes Benz Ml430 License Plate Bracket

    One of the most conspicuous parts of your Mercedes Benz ML430, aside from its insignia, is its license plate. It serves as your vehicle's identification card, and it should always be 'worn' at all times. But if it is already dangling on your Benz's bumper because your license plate bracket got broken after you hit a wall, then that doesn't seem to be a good sight after all. Not to mention that it also puts your plate at risk of getting lost. To prevent this from happening, you can follow these tips on how to keep your Mercedes Benz ML430 license plate bracket in good condition:

    Fix the cracks.

    If your license plate bracket has developed cracks over the years, but you don't want to replace it due to budget constraints, do a quick fix to keep it from falling apart. You can use a double-sided tape or similar adhesives to just keep it in place temporarily. But we recommend that you replace it as soon as you can to ensure that your license plate is secured all the time.

    Tighten loose bolts.

    Over time, the bolts on your license plate bracket would get loose. This could be due to rusting, which makes them more susceptible to crack and wear out. Otherwise, rusted or not, you need to keep the bolts intact at all times. Tighten them once in a while to make sure that they won't allow the vehicle's license plate to fall off. Don't over-tighten them either to avoid damaging your plate.

    Replace missing bolts.

    So you have been hearing a flapping noise coming from your vehicle's front end. If upon visual inspection you noticed that there are missing bolts on your license plate bracket, replace them immediately with new ones. This is to ensure that your license plate will be safe from falling off or from possible theft. Replace the missing bolts as soon as possible or put your license plate at risk of getting lost forever.

    Clean it as often as you can.

    Since your license plate bracket is exposed to all kinds of road dirt and weather damage, we suggest that you get rid of the trapped dirt whenever you wash your car. Keeping it clean will not only make it pleasing to the eyes, but it can also help prolong its service life by getting rid of dirt buildup that could damage it.