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Mercedes Benz S500 Air Mass Meter

Gauge Your Mercedes Benz S500 Air Mass Meter

The air mass meter is an essential tool in the upkeep of any automobile. In charge of monitoring the air that enters the motor, it could substantially affect engine operation and fuel economy. It might be considered permanently free from damage, being tucked right in the middle of a protected portion of the engine. But as for all car parts, it also requires maintenance and constant check-ups. A faulty meter would incorrectly assess the amount of air entry and would, hence, deliver faulty information to the engine control module. Voila, expect wrong fuel volumes onto your car's cylinders! You wouldn't want a troublesome air mass meter, would you? Read on and learn some common symptoms of a faulty Mercedes Benz S500 air mass meter.

Consistent turning on of the check engine light

A dirty air mass meter is likely to cause your CEL to turn on. Locate the tool at the center of the large engine cover's far rear portion to check if it already needs cleaning. For a more accurate diagnosis, read the code displayed by the engine management checker. You can also bring this error message at any autoparts house for decoding, but purchasing an OBD2 reader can help you save time-and perhaps, money-from all the clueless guessing and diagnosing. If you confirm that your CEL switched on due to a contaminated air mass meter, solve the problem with the right spray cleaner and cleaning procedures.

The check engine light may also be triggered by loose connections in the air mass meter. This is usually resolved by cleaning or replacing the ground strap wire, which is at the bottom of the car. Locate the ground strap at the right side of the engine, close to where the transmission and the engine meet and check if the sensors are in good contact with one another.

Poor engine performance and low gas mileage

A faulty air mass meter can also cause the engine to completely stop after a little flooring. Other symptoms include idling, stalling, and refusal to accelerate. For a temporary solution to this, park and turn off your Mercedes Benz S500 first, and then turn it on again. However, it is important to attend to the real cause of the problem as soon as possible as it may cause further damage to the engine.

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  • How to Keep Your Mercedes Benz S500 Air Mass Meter in Good Condition

    Efficient fuel economy and better mileage greatly rely on the air mass meter’s assessment. The optimum performance of the engine control module, the command center of fuel delivery, is largely dependent on the measuring capacity of the air sensor so it is highly important to keep it in good condition. Failure to do so (e.g., exposure of the Mercedes Benz S500 air mass meter to small particles like dust) can lead to inaccurate measurements of air inflow and consequently, poor engine performance. Here are some tips to maintain the sensory device and the precise air volume measurements it gives:

    Regularly clean the air mass meter.

    While some problems caused by a faulty air mass meter can easily be resolved by outright replacement of the device, some errors can still be fixed by simply ridding the device of contaminants. Regularly checking up the air mass meter and keeping it free from impurities can assure you a longevity of first-class performance and hence, years of safe and fuel-efficient travels.

    Use the right materials and procedures.

    As the meter is a sensitive tool, it is important to use only materials compatible with it. A carburetor cleaner, for instance, may be used in cleaning the air mass meter, but it will take longer to dry. In spraying the meter clean, use specially formulated solutions and follow specific instructions.

    Do not touch the wires.

    After cleaning the meter, we suggest that you let it dry first before plugging it back to the car's air cleaner box. Keep in mind that the wire mechanism of the sensor is built to be ultra-sensitive that even the slightest touch can damage it. To prevent such troubles, let the device dry by itself. Do not use compressed air or a rag.

    Monitor the engine management checker.

    The check engine light is a top indicator of trouble in a Mercedes Benz S500 air mass meter. Once the CEL is turned on, check your device for possible problems or errors. It is also advisable to purchase scanners or readers like the ODB2 reader that can interpret error reports for easier diagnosis and troubleshooting of problems.