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Mercedes Benz S500 Headlight

Tracing Mercedes Benz S500 Headlight Problems

Mercedes Benz S500 headlights are your key to survival whenever you go out for a night drive. The last thing you want to happen when blanketed by the dark night is to blindly navigate the road without the help of these. One moment, you're casually driving with enough visibility. Next thing you know, the lights suddenly go out. Here are few scenarios to help you pinpoint the root of certain headlight problems. Different factors such as bad connections, faulty relays, blown bulbs, and many others are lurking nearby ready to give you a problem with your Mercedes Benz S500 headlights.

One/both light/s that won't turn on

The easiest diagnosis for dead Mercedes Benz S500 headlights is a busted bulb. On the average, the bulbs should last around five years before these need replacement. If it seems new and fairly intact, the problem may lie in the sockets, housings, and relays. Make sure that these parts are properly connected so that electricity is able to run to the bulb.

No high beam/low beam

If your Mercedes Benz S500 headlights only work on one setting-either in high beam or low beam mode-the probable cause could be something beyond the bulb itself. The first suspect is the dimmer switch you use to turn the headlights on. If that's okay, check the fuse and relay.

Poor road lighting

Mercedes Benz S500 headlights should provide enough light to safely brighten the road. If you feel that the beam feels weak, it may be because the lens of your headlight is dirty on the outside, or there is moisture on the inside. It's also a good idea to check if the lights are aimed properly and directly towards the road. The beam should be on the same level as the hood of the car. Other than these, the alternator may be having difficulty charging the lights. The right voltage range should be between 13 to 14 volts.

Inconsistent lights

The Mercedes Benz S500 headlights may turn on, but it either flickers or the intensity between the two differs. Again, check if the lenses are clean and that the lights are properly aimed towards the road. The battery may already be weak and have difficulty powering the system. Your car may also require new wires and relays to be able to handle the load requirements of the headlights.

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  • Proper Care for Mercedes Benz S500 Headlights

    Your Mercedes Benz S500 headlights should be one of the items at the top of your car's maintenance list. Keeping these in good condition is vital to your ability to drive during the night. Different factors such as your car's age, the bulb's life, and the vibrations caused by driving over uneven roads contribute to the deterioration of these. It doesn't take much for you to take care of your headlights. The following are simple, yet effective ways on how you can always get the most out of your Mercedes Benz S500 headlights:

    • Keep the lenses clean at all times.
    • The bulbs of your Mercedes Benz S500 headlights are encased in the assembly with a plastic lens that keeps away water, dirt, and other impurities. As the lenses are heated-when the lights are on or when sunlight is strong-those impurities are able to make their way through the plastic that eventually result to stains. Clean these off to do away with the foggy and yellow finish you may see as a result of dirty lenses.
    • Handle bulbs with gloves.
    • Make sure that you wear gloves whenever you install replacement Mercedes Benz S500 headlight bulbs. The oil coming from your skin can damage the protective coating on the glass which can dramatically shorten the life of the bulbs.
    • Replace bulbs in pairs.
    • For the sake of consistency, it is advisable to replace Mercedes Benz headlight bulbs in pairs. This ensures that you have the same type, color, and intensity of light every time. Even if you think that one bulb doesn't need replacement, it wouldn't hurt to do so.
    • Maintain proper aim.
    • The aim of your headlights can change whenever you handle the housing itself, or due to the vibrations caused when driving on uneven roads. Using a wrongly aimed set can negatively affect the brightness of the road ahead and make driving very difficult for you. Other than that, the light may even be aimed towards other drivers instead of at the road-which is more dangerous. Make sure that your car's headlights are aimed at the same height.