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Mercury A/C Condenser

If you feel lukewarm air flowing from the vents rather than cold when you switch on the air conditioning, your Mercury AC condenser may have sprung a leak. The cool air-conditioned feeling you desire depends on refrigerant that flows through the system, in a continuously repeating circuit, taking the heat and humidity from the air leaving it cool and comfortable. The Mercury AC condenser is a key component in that system, removing the heat collected by the refrigerant in its travels by passing it through a long tube that winds through a network of delicate cooling fins, exposing it to the airflow generated by both the fan and the motion of the vehicle. As the refrigerant passes through the Mercury AC condenser, it is cooled by the air flowing through the fins, emerging at the end cold enough to return to the evaporator to chill the cabin air once again. This system is a closed and pressurized one, so any breach in one of the components, from corrosion or puncture, will cause a rapid loss of the refrigerant that is crucial to the air conditioning process. The location of the Mercury AC condenser makes it particularly vulnerable to damage, right at the front of the vehicle, mounted in front of the radiator. The Mercury AC condenser can be struck by rocks and debris, and is subject to the elements, making it a likely place for a leak to occur. If your Mercury AC condenser has developed a leak, we carry a selection of quality replacements in our online catalog, all at great prices. Ordering your Mercury AC condenser will be quick and easy, whether you use our secure site, or our toll-free phone line.