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Mercury Comet Parts and Mercury Comet Accessories

Mercury and Cometastronomical names, right? But if combined, they would refer to a 1960s Mercury vehicle touted by many auto reviewers and historians as the ultimate Mercury of the period. Today, however, the Mercury Comet is old and forgotten. But equipped with brand new and tough replacement and restoration Mercury Comet parts, this muscle car of the '60s would be ready to run in blazing speeds, just as a real comet would speed up on its way toward the sun.

The Comet was introduced by Ford Motor Company in 1960, although the car was not yet a Mercury then. It was originally planned to be an Edsel, but with the Edsel division brought down even before the vehicle model was introduced, the Comet became a make of its own. In 1962, however, Ford eventually decided to bring the car to the Mercury division, calling it the Mercury Comet until its demise in 1977.

The first Comets, sold from 1960 to 1965, were technically mid-size cars, although Ford would categorize them as compacts. The car was similar to the Ford Falcon and essentially shared its parts with the latter. From 1966 to 1969, the Mercury Comet shifted to the mid-size category, sharing its body with the Ford Fairlane. The second generation Mercury Comet was not as popular as the first, though, as it was eclipsed by the Mercury Montego.

No Comet was sold in 1970, but it returned in 1971 as a compact car similar to the Ford Maverick. Sales of the third generation Mercury Comet, however, weakened every year. After 1977, the Mercury Comet was dropped from the Mercury line and was replaced by the Mercury Zephyr.

The Mercury Comet nameplate has long departed, but muscle cars never really die and the car that the nameplate represents is still here to stay. In fact, the car has been gaining a lot of interests lately, especially from among muscle car and custom car lovers. And why not? Equipped with the right Mercury Comet parts, the car would prove itself capable today as it was in the '60s.