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Mercury Corner Light

In every Mercury vehicle, there are several parts and systems that play an important role to keep the vehicle functional. These parts and system provide power and at the same time keep the vehicle safe on the road. One of these is the lighting system.

Mercury lighting system, like any other vehicle lighting system is composed of several sets of lights and bulbs, located at strategic points of the vehicle depending on the its purpose (most of it are located at the front rear of the vehicle). For instance; the headlights are pair of lights that are located at the front of the vehicle that keep the road visible especially during night driving. This light give a clear vision of the road ahead to keep the driver and the vehicle safe. Fog lights on the other hand help improve the road visibility during rain of foggy conditions. These yellow lights help to keep the road clear which the headlights could not provide.

The tail lights or the tail light assembly are another set of lights with several bulbs that are located at the rear of the vehicle. Tail lights are usually composed of brake lights, turn signal lights, and reverse lights. Each performs their own functions but ultimately, they all function to keep the vehicle safe or visible at the rear. All these are standard lights which could be found on virtually every vehicle on the road today.

With the popularity of vehicle modification and the introduction of light accessories in the market, these lights could be changed into a more exotic lights. One of these is the Mercury clear corners. Such accessories provide the same functions but redefine the vehicle's image on the road. Clear corners are set of lights which is installed on a vehicle particularly to replace the standard corner lights to provide brighter glow on your vehicle. The clear corners are easy to install. Attached with a knot bolt, a regular screwdriver will do the job efficiently. Clear corners are one of the great additions to the vehicle when you want to the transform your Mercury in to a more personalized vehicle.