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Mercury Fog Light

Is your Mercury vehicle equipped with Mercury fog lights? *Most new Mercury vehicles have fog lights listed in their list of standard equipments, so if you have just recently bought your Mercury, it surely would have a fog light. We can't be sure with older Mercury vehicles, however, because fog lights do not commonly come as standard equipments for most vehicle makes and models. If your vehicle comes equipped with the pair, then you should be thankful. But if it does not come with any, then you better browse through Net and find your best source for it.

The fog lights are the low beam lights installed at the front end of vehicles. They are usually integrated into the front bumper of your vehicle, although some fog lamps are suspended below it. The main function of the fog lamps is to provide road illumination during bad weather and low visibility conditions, specifically during foggy, rainy or stormy weathers. In such conditions, the high beam lights shed by the headlights would simply bounce back and would rather impede your view of the road ahead. Fog lights were designed to penetrate easily on fog, rain and snow so that your view of the road ahead would still be clear even in such conditions.

Some vehicles also come equipped with rear fog lamps. Just like the front fog lights, the rear fog lights are especially helpful during low visibility conditions. These fog lights sheds red light that are more intense than the ordinary rear vehicle lights to keep the rear of your vehicle visible even in the worst weather conditions.

You may not always find the need to use them, but that does not mean that Mercury fog lights are not important. Rather, Mercury fog lights are essential for the total safety of the passengers inside your car. If your Mercury is equipped with one, then you should have no problem. But if it is not, you better find a pair of them from your Mercury dealer of from the various auto parts sources that you can find locally or through the Internet.

*Fog lights are listed as standard equipments for the Mercury Mountaineer, Monterey, Mariner, Milan, and Montego but not for the Mercury Sable and Grand Marquis.