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Mercury Grand Marquis Window Regulator

Mercury Grand Marquis can't be called a vehicle if not for the different systems and auto parts integrated in its bodywork. From the major vehicle systems and parts, up to the small units, every detail has been given enough attention to make your Mercury Marquis truly functional. Among those standard parts infused in your Mercury Grand Marquis is the window regulator. Though hidden to our sight, the importance of Mercury Grand Marquis window regulator is very evident.

Window regulators are the components that are accountable for lifting up and bringing down your Mercury Grand Marquis window glass. Typically, window regulators are made up of various components including a worm gear and combination spur gears, a mechanical plate and a linkage. The linkage is the component that's accountable for supporting the window glass as it lifts or sinks while the mechanical plate is the one moving the windows up and down.

Window regulators are of two kinds - manual and electric/power window regulator. The manual window regulators can be found in earlier car models while power window regulators can be observed in the latest car models. The basic difference among these types of window regulators is that in manual window regulators, the movement of the windows is controlled via a crank handle while the power window regulator has an electric motor hooked up to a certain electronic module on the car which commands the worm gear.

No matter how durable, Mercury Marquis window regulators may wear down easily due to constant use. Failure of window regulator is among the common problems of car owners. Lifting mechanisms that are out of order are often caused by cracking of plastic components due to temperature change, stress and daily grind. When that happens and the mechanic will not be able to repair it, replacement Mercury Grand Marquis window regulator is the best possible solution. But since your Mercury Marquis window regulators are positioned behind the door panels, installation could be a bit difficult and should be dealt with care.

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